Mello Classics: The Band Game

1. Go to Wikipedia, click on random article. This is the name of your band
2. Go to Wikiquote, click on random page. The last 3-6 words of the first quote is the name of your album
3. Go Google and image search the words that will be the title of your album. 4th picture is the album cover. Shop that shit and show it off.

I get:

Looks like some horrible Euro techno crap.


(Image search for the exact phrase)

Sorry for the double post, but this one was too nice to pass up.

(Full disclosure: Before that one I had a different combination that I abandoned because the image didn't load properly, but I try not to cheat.)

I don't know why I enjoy this so much.
Must be an apophenia thing - or I am just easily amused.

(This was the one that didn't load earlier. Now I'm back on track without skipping a single one.)

Come on, someone else can make a few more.

I promise I will do this tomorrow...looks like fun!

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I promise I will do this tomorrow...looks like fun!

I'll be back with more. This one makes too much and not enough sense for my tastes.

Nerdcore - right up my alley.