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Do you wear a watch? How old are you?

They say that the under-30/GenY/Millennium crowd isn't wearing watches anymore, due to their ubiquitous use of cell phones, and I have noted this phenomenon among my friends. The thing is, I carry my cell phone all the time too, but cannot get used to checking it for the time...seems a lot more difficult than just glancing at my wrist. Don't think I'll ever give up wearing a watch. So I was just curious if anyone here has done so, and if so, how old you are.

You know the day has gotten away from you when ...

... you find yourself yelling 'FUCK YOU!!!' at pieces of paper.

Bet YOU can't buy this in YOUR local grocery store...

But I can buy it in Jakarta!

Pew Religion Quiz

I scored 15/15, but took two lucky guesses. Call it 13.

Bizarre Historical Story of the Day

Fellophantians, I thought it would be fun to try and post an interesting and strange history story every day. Loki said he would be willing to help out with this. If you have a story you want to add, please catch us in chat or PM us. Of course, comments on the stories are highly desired!

Today we will talk about Mary Toft!

Mary Toft was an English housewife who in 1726 began to give birth to rabbits. Or rather, parts of rabbits, and even during one expulsion "three legs of a Cat of a Tabby Colour, and one leg of a Rabbet: the guts were as a Cat's and in them were three pieces of the Back-Bone of an Eel ..." Her story was that dreaming of animals led to her birthing said animals.

The best part of the story is the credulous response of the medical community of the time. She was first examined by her local doctor, John Howard, and under his observation egested a number animal parts over the course of several days. She was then examined by National St. Andre, a physician to the royal house of George I, and George's personal secretary Samuel Molyneux. St. Andre concluded that the rabbits were formed in her fallopian tubes. Her story became a sensation, and according to Wiki:

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