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Songs you absolutely hate.

These are all songs I'm subjected to at work, and since it was a quiet night tonight, I was inspired to start this thread.

Right now I'm pretty sick of Augustana's "Boston", where the singer says that he thinks he'll go to Boston where "no one knows his name". I really can't decide which is worse, whether he's deliberately playing on the Cheers theme, or he's completely ignorant of it.

Hoobastanks' "The Reason" fills me with all sorts of REAG. All his emotion really sounds to me like the guy just needs to be put out of his misery.

And the lyrics for Stealth Princess's "Freakshow" I just find painfully stupid. Here's the chorus:

"i feel like a reject from a freakshow
i'm kicking up the white trash from the sidewalk
i don't want the ocean in my seashell
i just want a boyfriend with a brain cell"

Why should you do better than he's going to? Also, shut the fuck up.

...that was kind of therapeutic.

The Adventures of Legolas Greenleaf in the Blue Kingdom, Chapter One

The premise here is that Legolas is sending reports to King Elessar. Accompanying him on the journey is Captain Roland of the Citadel Guards, whose letters to his brother Ronceval are included with the reports from Legolas. Ronceval is a scribe/poet in the civil service of King Elessar.

Chapter 1:

From Legolas Greenleaf to my Lord King Elessar:
When last I sent word to you, we had just entered the road beside the Great Chasm and met the Ambassador from Khand, and the Chieftain Ararrat, whose daughter the Lady Larissa was wed to Squire Atacar, the young Sardaran Cavalier traveling with us. They left us and joined the Caravan that was returning to Sardara. Dispatches were sent with Squire Atacar to King Darius and the Duke Askelon.

"Hollywood has no new ideas." So what? STFU!

Every time there's news of a remake or a reboot or a re-imagining, people will inevitably bitch that "Hollywood is running out of ideas!" They bemoan that it shows the general lack of creativity in Hollywood, and whine about how there are no new ideas anymore. Often, these people won't add anything else to the thread, as though their observation is worthy of posting on its own--as though it were an original thought.

It's getting on my nerves, to be honest.

For one thing, it immediately indicates the speaker's general ignorance of the history of story telling and film in Hollywood. Many of the movies we consider to be all time classics now were remakes themselves. Other movies that we hold up to be great films are simply filmed plays, slightly changed to be appropriate for the silver screen. What producers and directors didn't take from the stage and previous movies, they took from books. When you start naming former Oscar winners and AFI's Top 100 films, you're going to have quite the list of remakes and adaptations.

Fiction: Following Orders

This short story takes place in the universe of the Terranova game, forty-one years before the colonists left Earth.

January 12th, 2139 CE

"What are those doing in my lab?"

Dr. Theresa Barnes stood frozen to the spot in the doorway of the psy-lab. The door began to beep steadily, warning that it had been left open. Due to safety protocols it couldn't close with someone standing in the way, so it would just go on bleating like an electronic lamb crying for its mother.

There had been half a dozen kennels in the lab when she had left on Friday night. In each kennel had been a German Shepherd puppy of exactly four months, three weeks of age. Technicians would come to care for them on the weekend, but all of their exercise and social interaction was to be kept in the lab.

The kennels, puppies, their toys and all the other animal related equipment were gone. Liquid filled pods replaced them. In front of the pods stood a man. He was a trim and fit six feet even, yet his narrow features and a way he had of thrusting his head forward on his neck gave the impression of a weasel about to pounce. Dave Fischer, she remembered vaguely. Assistant Director of Research and Development, without any scientific training whatsoever. A suit of the worst kind.

Characters That Were Totally Secretly Boning Each Other

Thread title carefully crafted to allow the inclusion of the occasional heterosexual couple.

Prince Humperdinck / Count Rugan - The Princess Bride. First of all, the prince is clearly completely unmoved by the charms of Princess Buttercup Penn. What possible reason is there to stage the assassination on their wedding night? Wouldn't the people of Florin be even more moved by her murder after say, a year long reign with her performing various charitable works? Or even a month? The only reason to kill her right after the wedding seems to be to spare Humperdinck from the terror of consummation. And I hardly feel the need to go into all the significant glances and tender concern that Rugan directs toward Humperdinck.

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