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Lest We Forget?

It seems special this year somehow. Although it is not a 100 years since the great war ended on Flanders fields, this time round it is 11/11/11 and given the time that has passed so few of those who survived have remained.

Over time as the memories fade and all that are left are clippings, somehow the reasoning behind what happened is questioned and modern ideas are being applied to a situation that should be considered in context.

Regardless of how you feel, what happened led to the deaths of many million people and what should never be forgotten is that they did sacrifice their lives in that war. What should be argued over was the reasoning of the politicians and why they went to war.

The only sadness is not only that so few of them from the Great War, but that over the years the Fallen have been joined by others and will continue to be so. All those who have gone to fight should not be forgotten.

Why I Hate The Stand

If you haven't read Stephen King's The Stand you should turn back now. Trust me. If you find out the ending prematurely, you are going to end up missing out on everything good in the novel and you won't be able to enjoy it the way you should. And yes, despite the fact that I hate it with every fiber of my being, it is a very enjoyable book.

Now then. Are we only left with people who are familiar with the story and probably think I have no taste for trashing it? Good.

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