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Ask Aunt Roal

Ive been with my husband for almost 7 years but been married for 1 year and 3 months, and we have 2 babies together, ive put up with alot of **** from my husband, from cheating to lying and females calling his phone and him calling females. A whole lot of things, but lately things have been falling apart, because now he wants us to get a divorce because i dont and wont approve of him been friends with females because that something he dont know how to do, and hes also planning on going to france and jamaica with his business partner and i dont like the idea, and i just found his phone bill where he's still talking to this female in jamaica in which he claims they be talking about god, and then he wants me to trust him,i don't believe. When i get in from work he doesn't greet me and hours will past and he dont even say nothing to me.we don't hug, cuddle, kiss or even touch each other, its like we are strangers, he is on the computer the moment he wake up until the moment he goes to min he'll act has if he wants to say and the other min he'll talk has if he is going to leave, right now i'm so lonely but dont want to commit adultery, but i don't know what to do because right now i want someones arms around me and i don't have any one. what would you do. And do you think my husband still love me?

will cheating help

GLBT Film Fest: Latter Days

Latter Days is the 2004 film written and directed by C Jay Cox. It's about a young man, Aaron Davis, who is assigned to Los Angeles on his LDS Mission. While there, he meets and falls for Christian, played by Wes Ramsey. Christian is very, very pretty. He's also quite shallow and has a bunch of anonymous and hot sex. He places a bet with his friends that he'll be able to "convert" one of the four missionaries who moved in next door, and he's immediately interested in Elder Davis.

Vintage Vittles: Spam Fiesta Peach Cups

Vintage Vittles is like a time machine. In your kitchen. It seeks to go back and try strange and likely disgusting things our ancestors (read: grandparents) ate, all in as historically accurate of a way as possible.

A New Year

It’s January already? Really? It’s also a new decade? As hard as it is to believe, a new year and a new decade really are upon us. In some circles resolutions are considered ridiculous, but I’ve always found January to be a perfect time to find things to improve upon.

Here in the United States, the weather is less than ideal and springtime seems entirely too far away. The holidays are over and my mind wants something new to focus on. The solution? Self-improvement!

Science of the Small

What is nanotechnology, and why do people study it?

The definition fed to us from dictionaries and the like is the rather bland and unhelpful: any science where at least one of the dimensions is less than 100 nanometres (nm), where 1 nm is equal to 10 to the minus 9 metres long (0.000000001 metres). For reference, the length of the bond between the two atoms in a hydrogen molecule is about one-tenth of a nanometre. The cells that make up your body are on the order of 1000 nm. So when I talk about the science of the small, hopefully you appreciate exactly how small I mean.

But that description is hardly sexy, and it tells us little. When asked by laymen, what is nanotechnology, I respond simply by saying it involves molecular machines, the design and construction of devices and systems that are built up from just a few molecules apiece. Easier to understand, though I can’t pretend this isn’t a very crude description. Still, it gets the point across.

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