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Songs you absolutely hate.

These are all songs I'm subjected to at work, and since it was a quiet night tonight, I was inspired to start this thread.

Right now I'm pretty sick of Augustana's "Boston", where the singer says that he thinks he'll go to Boston where "no one knows his name". I really can't decide which is worse, whether he's deliberately playing on the Cheers theme, or he's completely ignorant of it.

Hoobastanks' "The Reason" fills me with all sorts of REAG. All his emotion really sounds to me like the guy just needs to be put out of his misery.

And the lyrics for Stealth Princess's "Freakshow" I just find painfully stupid. Here's the chorus:

"i feel like a reject from a freakshow
i'm kicking up the white trash from the sidewalk
i don't want the ocean in my seashell
i just want a boyfriend with a brain cell"

Why should you do better than he's going to? Also, shut the fuck up.

...that was kind of therapeutic.

The Adventures of Legolas Greenleaf in the Blue Kingdom, Chapter One

The premise here is that Legolas is sending reports to King Elessar. Accompanying him on the journey is Captain Roland of the Citadel Guards, whose letters to his brother Ronceval are included with the reports from Legolas. Ronceval is a scribe/poet in the civil service of King Elessar.

Chapter 1:

From Legolas Greenleaf to my Lord King Elessar:
When last I sent word to you, we had just entered the road beside the Great Chasm and met the Ambassador from Khand, and the Chieftain Ararrat, whose daughter the Lady Larissa was wed to Squire Atacar, the young Sardaran Cavalier traveling with us. They left us and joined the Caravan that was returning to Sardara. Dispatches were sent with Squire Atacar to King Darius and the Duke Askelon.

'Distraction-free shopping'

I wandered by a Target today and saw a guy sitting outside, registering people to vote. Target hasa policy for a while to provide what they call "distraction-free shopping" to their customers. Basically no person or group, regardless of reason or cause, can position themselves in front of the store to solicit anything. Not signatures, not Girl Scout cookies, not donations, nothing.

According to their official policy, "We ask all solicitors and petitioners to respect our policy by ceasing their activities and leaving our property. However, frequently they refuse to comply. We partner with local law enforcement agencies to assist us in having unwanted solicitors and petitioners removed from our property."

I've never seen anyone removed from the front of a store before. Instead what happens is there is usually a big angry red sign stating that what this person/group is doing is against store policy.

I'm curious about everyone's thoughts on this policy or similar policies other businesses have enacted. Should the store call law enforcement to remove people? What about the people who are knowing violating the store's policy?

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