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What will happen if Egypt's current ruler falls?

[Ed. Note: This is the first post in an ongoing discussion of the recent events in Egypt.]

Following the riots and governmental changeover in Tunisia, the unrest has spread to Egypt with riots in the street, communications and internet cut and the government cracking down on protesters. If the same course is taken, then it is likely that President Mubarak will leave the country soon.

This could cause a few problems given that Egypt was one of the more stable of the Middle East Countries, which actually had some kind of democracy in place. It is currently autocratic, but the main opposition see this as a chance to remove him.

If it does, the question to be asked is will Egypt fall into flames or will it survive relatively intact?

Survivor: Redemption Island. Or, Boston Rob is back AGAIN.

Anyone planning to watch?

Dancing in the Basement (a poem)

Dancing in the basement silently,
I wonder if they can hear the echoes
up above. My feet pounding in beat with their blood
and the music in my mind of the most sublime beauty.
If they hear me do they wonder about my identity,
or do they even know to ask the question?

And I wonder what sort of question
they'd ask me if they found me silently
dancing. Would they care if my identity
didn't match my face? Would the echoes
of my presence in this place mar the beauty
of their day like a handkerchief stained in blood?

And it all does come back to blood,
I think to myself as I ask these questions.
Too distracted by these suggestions to see the beauty
of myself dancing in the basement silently,
I can only rage at my own echoes
because they just add to the mystery of my identity.

But can something as complex as who I am be identified

Why I hate TV Tropes

Well, maybe "hate" is unfair. Or perhaps "TV Tropes" is, when the site isn't really the object of my wrath. If you're unfamiliar with it, TVTropes.org is a wiki where people can enter the "tropes" they've seen in movies, TV shows, comics, webcomics, books, operas, or in fevered dreams. And what is a trope? A convention, idea or device often used by writers. But--the front page assures you--they do not want clichés.

Right off the bat you may see the problem, as commonly used conventions, ideas and devices are at best clichés about to happen and at worst, well, clichéd.

Death toll rises in Australia floods

Death toll rises in Australia floods - Relief teams rushed supplies into a flood-ravaged Australian city Monday as rising waters threatened to close a highway and cut off the area, officials said. [World]

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