Looks like the gales of November are coming early this year...

Chicago's bracing for what is may be the 2nd worst storm ever to hit the Great Lakes.



Be careful and stay safe.

Thanks, I will. Once last year and once the year before I was driving during really really bad storms...the worst I've ever seen. I'm very glad I will not have to be out in this one.

Geez. Yeah, it's a good thing you don't have to be out in it. As for everybody else in the area...

Yeah, my husband's going to be driving an hour up to the far northern suburbs in the AM. I can 100% guarantee that if I suggest he try to postpone his meeting so that he's not on the road during the storm, he will scoff at me.

Eep. Hope your power doesn't go out!

Whatever is left of our pretty pretty fall leaves will be gone tomorrow.

I'll already be safely at work, and Mr.Man doesn't have to be anywhere today until 2, so we should both be fine.

So far it's been pretty anti-climactic in my part of town. Heard it was pretty bad in Indiana, though.

Meanwhile, up here the sky is nearly black from cloud cover! I'm so glad I can just laze at home today.

I took in the sun-catchers and window chimes off the porch, and brought the potted mums to safety. I remembered to roll up the windows when leaving the car this morning.

So, where's it at?! All we got was a gentle swaying breeze, some gray skies and sprinkling.

Gimme back mah storm, Zuul!

Noooo. I'm enjoying the howling.