How to Ask for a Raise

In these difficult economic times, we're all looking to get a little extra money coming in. Those of us who are lucky enough to have a job still want to be making the most of it. We want to be sure our bosses know that we are good, valuable employees. Sometimes we need to do a little work to ensure that they're paying attention and recognize that fact and reward us with raises appropriately.

But how do you do that? It can be awkward going in and demanding extra money, after all. We don't want to feel like lumbering, smelly oafs stomping around and complaining. We want our bosses to want to give us raises!

Luckily, Women's Day and Summer's Eve are here to help.

Wait. What was that?

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A freshness pick-me-up?

I can honestly say I've never lacked confidence because I thought my vag wasn't fresh enough. Great, now I have something else to be self-conscious about (unless I buy their wonderful product!).

The underlying message here is "make sure you're fresh down there because if you're gonna get a raise, it's gonna involve being bent over your boss's desk."

You'll need to bring the wipes with you because you may end up having to screw a lot of people to get that raise, and you want to smell springtime fresh once you work your way into the vice president's office.

I like to think that is some photo they bought out of a photographer's portfolio, and the model just happened to pick up the magazine that day, and go, I'M IN A DOUCHE AD?!

Feminine cleansing cloths? They sound like vaginal-themed wet naps.

if I ever go for an interview and there's a woman there also interviewing, I will assume all bathroom visits are to freshen up her vajayjay

Just think of all the times a boss has had to say, "You did great work on the Carlton account, Susanne, but I'm afraid we can only offer senior manager position to someone with impeccable vaginal hygiene."

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Feminine cleansing cloths? They sound like vaginal-themed wet naps.
Yes, that's exactly what they are.

I like Exy's take on it, though I think the subtext is supposed to be that your vagina is so absolutely revolting and smelly that you must wash it throughout the day or else suffer monetarily.

Holy crap. That's the spiritual descendant of ads like this:

They are designed to inspire paranoia and self-loathing and in order to line the pockets of these companies who are probably owned and run by men.

I know I have a hard time getting a day off if my nads smell.

"Great job on the XXX project. You made me look good."

o rly?

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"Great job on the XXX project. You made me look good."

o rly?
See post #3.

Just as important. Be sure to eat a healthy breakfast
Something about this made me laugh and laugh. Eating is as important as douching? It seems like one of those things would be more crucial to your general health and wellbeing.