Black youths not graduating high school, gay marriage to blame

This op-ed piece is an interesting way of interpreting the statistics about single parent households and how they influence children.

Apparently, by allowing gays to marry we are encouraging poor black women to be single parents and this is leading directly to young black men failing to graduate high school. The fact that you can't compare the household of two parents of the same gender to a household involving one parent never occurs to the author.

While I have known many a single parent, the causes behind such a situation are very, very, very different from what leads to two men deciding they want to raise a child together. Single parenthood can be the result of losing your partner to death or divorce, or it can be an accident, or it can be someone wanting a child and not caring about having a partner. Single parenthood is a complex issue and one that is very separate from SSM. That's without even touching the influence of poverty, which I imagine has a lot more to do with the high school dropout problem than the mother's marital status.

Should children ideally be raised by one man and one woman? I don't think so; not because there is anything wrong with the nuclear family, but because families are such an incredibly diverse concept that there is no "ideal."


You know, there are actually a few other points that article doesn't take into account. Were the impoverished single parents living in or near poverty before they became single parents? What sort of education did these single parents who don't read to their kids receive? What sort of support system do these parents have within their extended family or circle of friends?

And, you know what? Not even those points would have made any of this have anything to do with the gender of the two parents in the two parent families this article is so high on.

Well I'm sure that 1 in 4 black men in the US being involved in one way or another with the US prison system has nothing to do whatsoever with the rate of single parenthood amongst black women.

So you're saying the gays put them in prison?

Sometimes when I see articles like this I look at the URL to see if they were posted on