The Adventures of Mello and Tuberat #7

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God I love Tuberat, he's so badass.

Can we look forward to the continuing adventures of Mello and Tuberat? I'd also love to see more of Luisa Number One!

I had to take this week off from drawing because I have a lot of other stuff to do, but I will be continuing it next week.

they slapped that dead man's face all over TERROR
literally loling

I don't get it. The elephant represents this board? Then who is the ferrret supposed to be?

Kind of our board mascot. Hates Freedom was a popular poster who seems to have moved on. His avatar was a ferret in a hat. He often rubbed people the worng road but mainly for laughs. So he was kind of protected by the mod staff.

Sooooo, when's the next installment?

I need to do more. I'm going to try to continue next week, but I can't make any promises since it seems like those don't go so well.

ahah. that is funny. and it is exactly how i feel about the hated che guevara.

More Mello & Tuberat, please.