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Ive been with my husband for almost 7 years but been married for 1 year and 3 months, and we have 2 babies together, ive put up with alot of **** from my husband, from cheating to lying and females calling his phone and him calling females. A whole lot of things, but lately things have been falling apart, because now he wants us to get a divorce because i dont and wont approve of him been friends with females because that something he dont know how to do, and hes also planning on going to france and jamaica with his business partner and i dont like the idea, and i just found his phone bill where he's still talking to this female in jamaica in which he claims they be talking about god, and then he wants me to trust him,i don't believe. When i get in from work he doesn't greet me and hours will past and he dont even say nothing to me.we don't hug, cuddle, kiss or even touch each other, its like we are strangers, he is on the computer the moment he wake up until the moment he goes to min he'll act has if he wants to say and the other min he'll talk has if he is going to leave, right now i'm so lonely but dont want to commit adultery, but i don't know what to do because right now i want someones arms around me and i don't have any one. what would you do. And do you think my husband still love me?

will cheating help

No. No. No.

You are a moron (also, females? The hell is this? Something wrong with the word "women"?). Whether your husband is having affairs or not is hard to tell amidst your idiotic rambling here, but you cheating on him isn't going to make your relationship any better.

Look, do your two kids a favor and go get some marriage counseling. This doesn't sound like a very happy relationship and it's probably a good idea to make a token effort at fixing things, but again: cheating won't fix anything.

And if you can't fix it?

Get out. Your kids will be better off being raised by a single mother than in a household where their father acts like he has no interest in the family. I know you're lonely, but your first priority has to be those two little babies. Worry about your own love life after you've got a more stable, loving environment for them.

Aunt Roal

How can you make a boy fall for you?

in general...

Um. In general? Be attractive. Let him know you'll have sex with him. Don't talk about how adorable your babies will be. Don't put sticky notes on his windshield about what size ring you wear and the fact you prefer princess cut diamonds and white gold.

Aunt Roal

what does it mean when a girl avoids you after school but does not avoid you so much in school? and she never makes eye contact with you? but doesnt block you on msn? is she creeped out?

Yes, she is.

Aunt Roal

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I think the woman asking the first question has already made up her mind to cheat, and is just looking for validation. Frankly, I foresee daytime TV and paternity tests in her future.

Yeah, I'd agree with that. It sounds like an absolutely miserable home life those kids have been born into. I think they'd all be better off if the father really did just walk out.

But then she'd be alone! And everyone knows that worse than staying with a jerk.