Submission Guidelines

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The Electric Elephant focuses on the wonders of human ingenuity. We're current seeking works of both fiction and non-fiction for the theme of "Improve Your Mind, Improve Your Life, Improve Your World."

We're currently looking for guest bloggers to fill the schedule for November, December, and January. The themes for those months will be The Harvest Elephant, the Yuletide Elephant, and the Chilly Elephant. We're interested in blogs dealing with the fall harvest (and Thanksgiving), any winter-holiday related items in December, and for January a way of "beating the chill" (whether that means a killer hot chocolate recipe or a vacation to the Bahamas).

Blog posts can be fiction, non-fiction, or recipes. I'm looking for 500-2000 words (up to 3000 for fiction). It can be something that you've already posted on your blog or plan to post, though I would prefer original content.

We are also very interested in hearing from authors and artists with upcoming releases. We will look at work that ranges between 500 and 3000 words. We will also accept original artwork. Please send all submissions to thee…