Poems to Mellos from Mellos

After seeing a recent poem dedicated to Sarahfeena, I thought it would be good to have a thread specifically for that.

today she may
do a plié.


There once was a fellow named spitz
Who was talented at doing the splits
He could put one foot on his head
While he danced on his bed
But his pants were all full of rips

There once was a Mello named Zuul,
Who winded her hair on a spool,
it caused so much pain,
She said, 'never again',
And the agony caused her to drool.

There once was a Mello called Rube,
Who found himself trapped in a cube.
He found a way out
then started to shout -
As he ran, he tripped over a pube.

There once was a Cat In A Suit,
Who played us a song on the flute.
The song was so bad,
It made us all mad,
'Til we realised we could put him on 'mute'.

Peeta is also a poster
Who once poured his beer in a toaster
It hissed and it sparked
'Til his kitchen went dark
What an emotional roller coaster.

Zuul likes to walk on her hands
And flick me with rubber bands
She's evil and mean
It's a sight to be seen
Oh, I'm lying! Zuul is mighty grand

hobbler is over at Mello
he's quite an intelligent fellow.
He does up CVs
with the greatest of ease,
And mixes his gravy with jello.

When people make Ireland jokes
Not screeching makes AG good folks
He stays pretty mellow
What a nice fellow
Makes me wonder what it is he smokes

Two more I wrote for respondents to my avatar thread:

I have recently found myself smitten
By the one for whom nothing is written
His avatar made
me very afraid -

Aggie made me an avatar
It was really spectacular
The boomerwang bulged
My request was indulged
So I wrote this for him, a chara.