Do you wear a watch? How old are you?

They say that the under-30/GenY/Millennium crowd isn't wearing watches anymore, due to their ubiquitous use of cell phones, and I have noted this phenomenon among my friends. The thing is, I carry my cell phone all the time too, but cannot get used to checking it for the time...seems a lot more difficult than just glancing at my wrist. Don't think I'll ever give up wearing a watch. So I was just curious if anyone here has done so, and if so, how old you are.


I don't currently wear a watch, but I'm thinking of getting one. I do just use my cell phone, but I think a watch would be nice.

I have a friend about my age who carries a pocket watch.

Almost 52. When my last watchband broke, I started just using my cellphone to tell time. It now seems a little odd to me to see people relying on a watch.

See, Rube, you're young at heart. And BTW, I had no idea you were in your 50s, I thought you were around my age (43).

62 and always wear a watch, when I don't forget it.
Very rarely look at it as I generally know what time it is anyway.

I used to wear watches but then when I got a phone and my current watch broke, I kept meaning to replace it but because I wasn't timeless I would forget and now it doesn't seem any more of a hassle to check my phone.

I would like to get some silver watches but only because I would use them for accessories.

I stopped wearing my watches maybe 3-4 years ago. I use to always wear them, I often slept with them on and occasionally showered with one on. I just always had a watch. Around the time I got my eyes fixed I also stopped wearing a watch though. I went a few years without one and rarely carried my cell phone until I got my iPhone this year.

32, and I always wear a watch. Of course, I also work in retail, where I'm pretty consistently asked what time it is, and I'm not allowed to carry my cell phone (so I can't just whip it out to check the time [I might get caught]). Besides, I got a watch for Christmas, and it's beautiful!

I used to wear a watch, but I haven't bothered replacing the one I lost in the fire yet. My attitude toward wearing a watch was always more about it being a fashion accessory than a useful article of clothing, though.

I used to wear watches but they made my wrists STINK! I'd like to keep wearing one but even with regular washing it just caused this gnarly smell to emanate from that area.

You have just reminded me that when I was about 18 a Swedish girl sent me a leather strapped watch that after a few months smelled of honey.