The mystery of the falling birds

For those who missed it, up to 5,000 red-winged blackbirds and starlings fell from the sky just before midnight on New Year's Eve in a one-mile area over Beebe, Arkansas.

Arkansas game officials probe mystery of falling birds

Unfortunately, it doesn't turn out to be as "mysterious" as the news are trying to make it sound. That area of Arkansas has much more violent weather than the rest of the region and blackbirds are known to fly in giant flocks. If a flock was startled by fireworks and took flight, it's not a huge leap to say they may have run into some weather and part of the flock was injured and fell to earth.

But then again, maybe I'm just a tool of the conspiracy...


Oh, Zuul, you're always so rational and no fun.

Peeta is right. I am Tim Minchin.

You mean it wasn't aliens?

Let's make up our own theories.

I say it was gamma rays.

My brother mentioned this story and I said it was clearly caused by aliens.

Chupacabra. It's always a chupacabra. THEY'RE BRANCHING OUT TO POULTRY.

Oh, wait, I'll bet it was chemtrails.

I want to belieeeeeeeve...

...that it is the government secretly testing biological weapons.

I think someone in Arkansas got a Witchcraft-for-dummies book for Christmas.

It was the Gay Agenda. Every gay person hates birds, everyone knows it.

Focus on the Family has a pamphlet on how gay people are destroying wildlife everywhere. It's a must read.

I also think it was Polish people. And boat mechanics.