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Article: The Echoes As They Come (Fiction)

  1. The Echoes As They Come (Fiction)

    1 Comments by Exy Published on 09 Oct 2009 02:20 PM
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    The Echoes As They Come (Fiction)

    They are coming. Closer, closer, with every moment, every heartbeat, and I can feel my heartbeat, I can feel my heart beat, beat, beat, beat, it's beating too fast, it's echoing off the walls, and I wonder if they can hear it. They can hear so much that sometimes I wonder if they can hear thought. Can they hear my fear? I have covered my mouth; I have shut it tight with a sewing needle and fine wire. I must muffle my accidental screams, my cries for help, my own voice, because it betrays me. Especially when I sleep. I hear it all night long, it invades even my dreams, and I have to silence it, because they are coming and they can hear it.

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    Shit, I didn't know you could write like that, Exy. Great story.

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