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Thread: Song Battles - The Rules (updated)

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    Default Song Battles - The Rules (updated)

    Pretty simple, but there was some confusion before. Hopefully this will clear everything up for anyone still unclear.

    - The idea is simple. A band is picked, and either eight or sixteen of their songs are chosen, and then paired off. People vote for the songs they want to advance to the next round. The winning song is the last one standing.

    - Some battles have changed around the round set-ups (ie, groups of three or more songs, odd number of groups leading to a particular song getting a bye). This is fine. Feel free to be creative.

    - There is no limit to number of votes, you can vote as long as a particular round lasts.

    - The rounds of each battle don't have a set time limit, however they will usually end after two or three days.

    - The forum leaders here are myself and OneCentStamp, so any questions can be directed to either of us.

    - Anyone can host a song battle. That means picking the band and songs, and tallying the votes. However, if you'd like to just pick songs, feel free to PM a forum leader and we'll host it for you.

    - There is no set amount to how many battles can go at any given time. If you think of one that hasn't been done, just jump in.
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