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Article: Preview and Updates of Front Page

  1. Preview and Updates of Front Page

    1 Comments by pepperlandgirl Published on 14 Jul 2009 09:29 AM
    The July 15th edition of the Domebo Front Page will consist of the following (schedule subject to change!):

    Kat's Raspberry Kuchen recipe. Since I love raspberry anything, just looking at this recipe makes me want to drool. She clearly invested a great deal of time and energy, and I'm really happy she is sharing it with us!

    CairoCarol writes about her experiences as an expat--specifically, the sort of unique challenges and situations of raising a child abroad. I used to think so too, although not in such vaguely upbeat terms. While I was pregnant, many people noted how cool it was that my son's birthplace would be South Africa. Remembering my teenage years, when anything foreign had a decidedly romantic cast, I agreed. “Someday, I think it'll help him to get laid!” I told everyone.

    prr discusses his own controversial proposal to make baseball more interesting in Thrown Out of a Moving Vehicle. What would happen to the game of baseball if we were to make some radical rules changes? I'm not advocating making these changes in the time-honored rules of the game, not all of them anyway, but it's a little unclear to me what would happen to Major League Baseball if we were, say, to move the fences out to 600 feet from the plate, or raise the fences to a minimum of thirty feet high.

    And Eleanor of Aquitaine has some thoughts on summer reading.

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    Default Re: Preview and Updates of Front Page

    The August 1 edition of the Domebo Front Page will consist of the follow (schedule subject to change!):

    Baker talks about what it's like to be a baker! Her article actually covers a lot of ground, including information on the patron saint of baking and a recipe for frosting! Fun fact #1--Did you know that the scientific name for the tree that produces the cocoa pod is theobroma cacao? That’s Greek for “food of the gods.” Carolus Linneaus, the famed Swedish botanist, gave it this designation in 1728.

    featherlou announces THERE'S A MENACE IN YOUR HOME! and politely follows that up with IS YOUR FAMILY SAFE? The answer may surprise you! Be sure to tune in tomorrow to get the scoop!

    dread pirate jimbo is back with Uncle Jimbo's Sports Rants and a mid-season update on the MLB. Let’s start with my favourite bee-in-the-bonnet: the disgusting state of affairs in team payrolls. What Exit? will also let us know what's going on in the world of Yankee's baseball.

    And finally I give a preview for next week's Domebo Film Critic's Club selection Enter the Dragon.
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