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Thread: Amazing.....?Why?????22222

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    Jun 2013


    أسئلة عن الإسلام تقود إلى الشهادة! | شمسي في ركن المتحدث

    الجزية ضريبة تمييزية لغير المسلمين | هاشم في حوار مسيحي متعجرف ركن المتحدثين | هايد بارك

    التضحية البشرية هي السبيل الوحيد للمغفرة | هاشم في مواجهة مبشر مسيحي Speakers Corner | Hyde Park

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    Jun 2013


    The Bible has been corrupted and destroyed by unknown writers

    The correct verses in the Holy Bible are the ones that Muslims should consider because these verses represent the teachings of the Old and New Testaments in the time of Prophet Moses and Jesus, peace be upon them.

    This is how obedience to God’s prophets is in the Bible and the Qur’an
    Because their teachings are one through one God (the Father).

    Very few true verses mentioned by the Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, are consistent with the sayings of the previous prophets and Islam

    But the Bible now is mostly incorrect

    Christians are delusional and deceive themselves into believing things that simply cannot be true

    25 And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.”

    34 Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”[a] And they divided up his clothes by casting lots.


    Christ did not say, I forgive you, and you must ask forgiveness from the Father, and Christ taught the disciples and believers in his message to ask for forgiveness from the Father

    You are as wrong as Peter

    Christ described Peter as a demon,

    Peter believed that Christ forgives sins

    but Christ is not God to forgive sins

    He said to him: 19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be[a] bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

    Can a person forgive with a word, and the Lord of man is unable to do so?!

    How do people's minds think?

    هل مات عيسى من اجل خطايانا؟ الشيخ خالد ياسين

    تناقضات واضحة في العهد الجديد: جدل مثير - رجل مسيحي مقابل الإمام عثمان بن فاروق

    تناقضات الكتاب المقدس فى نسب المسيح فاروق عثمان
    نصراني يدعي أن الكتاب المقدس ليس فيه تناقضات ففاجأه ش.عثمان بن فاروق

    هل مات المسيح من أجل خطايانا؟ - د. لورنس براون

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    Jun 2013


    The Quran has been memorized
    Because God saved the Quran from changing
    The predicate is connected
    And the writers of the Koran are known generation after generationThe Holy Qur’an was written directly
    and hadith

    From the mouth of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him
    The Quran was written by the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him

    And the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was aliveThere were also known eyewitnesses
    The original message is fully preserved until nowOn the contrary
    The Bible was not recorded directly
    After 300 years after the Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him

    Bible verses are written down

    Without trustworthy witnesses

    Because they were not present at the time of Jesus, peace be upon himEven the Old Testament was written down
    One thousand years after the death of the Prophet moses peace be upon him

    Of course, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, does not speak except by inspiration from God
    God says in the Qur’an
    Nor does he speak from [his own] inclination.
    It is not but a revelation revealed,

    Secondly, the Qur’an is something that no human being can write, modify or add to it

    So far, no one has been able to produce anything close to the Qur'an in its beauty, style, meaning and prophecies.

    The scientific evidence in the Qur’an makes it the most talked about book in the world of thought today.

    The strongest evidence that the Quran is not (and will not be) distorted is that Allaah The Exalted challenged His creation to produce the likes of it; then He challenged them to produce ten chapters only and finally challenged them to produce even a single chapter. Today, this challenge remains open. If the Quran is fabricated, why can they not even produce a single chapter and defeat their enemy?

    1,500-year-old Quran manuscript may be oldest known copy

    Recently radiocarbon dated copy of the 7th century Quran at the University of Birmingham.A 1,500-year-old parchment may be one of the oldest known copies of the Qur'an, possibly dating back to a time that straddled the life of the Prophet Muhammad, according to researchers who recently dated the fragments of the manuscript.

    The text was radiocarbon dated, which measured the age of organic materials from the find. Researchers at the University of Birmingham, UK, found that the sheets of parchment dated back to AD 568 and AD 645.
    Susan Worrall, director of special collections at the University of Birmingham, said in a statement.
    "Radiocarbon dating has delivered an exciting result, which contributes significantly to our understanding of the first written copies of the Quran",

    The Prophet Muhammad is said to have lived between AD 570 and 632 and, according to Muslim tradition, he received the revelations that make up the Quran between AD 610 and 632.These sheets date back to the end of the 6th or the beginning of the 7th century. They were discovered in the library of the University of Birmingham where they had been kept for almost 100 years without anyone suspecting their age.

    Oldest version of the Quran at the University of Birmingham - YouTube

    عباس وحمزة يفندون ازدواجية المعايير لزائر - الجزء الأول

    عباس وحمزة يفندون ازدواجية المعايير لزائر - الجزء الثاني

    عباس وحمزة يفندون ازدواجية المعايير لزائر - الجزء الثالث

    عباس وحمزة يفندون ازدواجية المعايير لزائر - الجزء الرابع

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    Jun 2013


    Your scholars criticize your Bible, not the Islamic mentality as you imagine

    With historical evidence

    It appears after the fall of the Bible and the scandal of its distortion

    Christians began to say this is a spiritual book, this is a historical book, This is a book that I don't care about

    It is surprising that they know their alleged Lord from this book

    They cite the verses of this book on the crucifixion, redemption, and the Trinity, and consider it a reference to them despite its distortion

    Even Christian theologians, academics and scholars examine the BibleThey proved its distortion scientifically and historically

    And you follow Paul and not this teaching of Christ through your Bible
    Paul's words in your Bible,

    Therefore, you cannot deny the existence of your book despite its distortion, because it is a reference to you

    The Qur'an is not like the Bible

    The Qur’an is God’s book, so no one dares to tamper with it

    Muslims follow God's words and not their whims like other false religions

    Islam is a correction of previous books and it is the last message to all mankind

    It is necessary to believe in Islam because it is the religion of all the prophets to worship God (the Father) only

    Because every prophet came to his people for a specific period and his message ended

    Like Christ, He came for the lost sheep of Israel only

    16 I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.
    John 10:16

    the fact that Jesus was speaking to a Jewish audience.His ministry was confined to the sheep of Israel.

    7 Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the adoor of the sheep. 8 All that ever came before me aare thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them.
    John 10:7

    Moreover, if the thieves and robbers included earlier prophets, then surely Jesus would be speaking ill of Moses, Abraham and David and that just wouldn't make sense.

    It's more likely that Jesus was talking about contemporaries. Jesus wasn't the only "teacher" or miracle-working Jew around. There were others. He could have been calling these other teachers and miracle-workers "thieves and robbers."

    If Jesus' audience were Jews, he may have been talking about non-Jews/Gentiles.

    must acknowledge that there is one God and turn away from idolatry. Therefore, one way is to become a Muslim.

    The difference between Islam and Christianity is that Islam absolutely forbids paganism while Christianity permits "paganism" . Islam is strict.

    Christianity is liberal and lenient.

    Christianity now opposes the teachings of Jesus, the previous prophets, and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon them
    It is permissible in Christianity to drink wine, usury, fornication, gambling and drugs

    It is clear that the sect of Christianity who believed Jesus to be a human Prophet and nothing more, and Father is only God were following the true teachings of Jesus. This is because their concept of God is the same as that which was taught by the Prophets in the Old Testament.

    Islam is not just another religion. It is the same message preached by Moses, Jesus and Abraham. Islam literally means ‘submission to God’ and it teaches us to have a direct relationship with God. It reminds us that since God created us, no one should be worshipped except God alone. It also teaches that God is nothing like a human being or like anything that we can imagine. The concept of God is summarized in the Quran as:

    “Say, He is God, the One. God, the Absolute. He does not give birth, nor was He born, and there is nothing like Him.” (Quran 112:1-4)[4]

    Becoming a Muslim is not turning your back to Jesus. Rather it’s going back to the original teachings of Jesus and obeying him.

    مناظرة بين مسلم وملحد حول سن البلوغ والرشد

    نسوة يسألن ش.عثمان بن فاروق عن الإسلام

    أمريكية تسأل ش.عثمان: لماذا تقول دائماً عليه الصلاة والسلام كلما ذكرت اسم محمد؟

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    Jun 2013


    مهم لكل مسلم !! ما الذي يمكننا فعله لنصرة أخواننا وأخواتنا في فلسطين؟

    اسلمي! شمسي يدعو شابة بريطانية للإسلام لمدة نصف ساعة

    إسهام الإسلام في الحضارة الغربية | ش.عثمان بن فاروق في حوار مع نصراني

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    Jun 2013


    The mainstream Islamic view is as follows:

    Angels = They always obey God and never disobey Him, because they are free of desires

    Humans and Jinn = They have a free will and can decide whether to obey or disobey God and are therefore accountable for their deeds

    Prophets [/ Messengers] of God (peace be upon them) = Humans who have been chosen by God [to deliver His message]; they obey God to the best of their abilities and do not knowingly disobey Him.

    Satan = He's from the Jinn and due to his arrogance he decided to disobey God and animate others to follow his footsteps in disbelief and disobedience

    As for the revelation of the Qur`an, then yes it was upon our noble Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through Jibril (peace be upon him), who is one of the greatest of Angels in status and rank in the sight of the Almighty.

    Jinn are basically spirits and they are of two kinds:
    Good ones, who believe in God, and evil ones, who disbelieve in Him and are therefore devils.

    As for evil being a creation of God: While we do believe that everything is created by God in general and that there is no Creator besides Him in reality, we also believe that He hasn't created things as inherently evil, rather He has given one the choice to do good or to do evil, but commanded good and forbidden evil.
    This means that satan was not inherently evil, rather he chose the way of disobedience and disbelief.

    القصة الحقيقية لتاريخ البشرية - عبد الرحيم غرين

    عبد الرحيم غرين يرد بقوة

    قصة اسلام عبدالرحيم جرين How I came to Islam

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    Jun 2013


    Churches violate the commandments of Christ in their teachings, as well as the images, crosses and idols that are inside the churches

    many Jews and Christians misinterpret the teachings of the Bible and continue to drive sheep to the slaughterhouse. However, if interpreted correctly and correctly understood, in the current Bible, God forbids drunkenness, immortality, usury, gambling, eating pork, worshiping man, and forbids considering JESUS as God

    The doctrine of Christ was pure monotheism, then it began to seep into it from various beliefs - especially the pagan beliefs of the Roman world - which tinged it with the Trinity, so that common traditional Christianity is became Trinity Christianity.

    But there still exists today an important and powerful sect among the famous Christian denominations; It is the sect of "Unitarians", and it has become a phenomenon today in the United States, and the saying of Christian Unitarians is summed up in: "There is no god but Allah - Christ is the Messenger of God

    Then there is a fact that many of those affiliated with Christ, peace be upon him, overlook, which is that the Christian beliefs inspired by the New Testament meet radically with the old pagan beliefs.

    The Trinity, the Incarnation, eternal sin, atonement with salvation, crucifixion, and redemption, the Nicene Creed, the Lord’s Supper (Holy Supper) and baptisms, and ecclesiastical sacraments...

    Christians agree with the pagan nations in the history of celebrating the birth of Christ, peace be upon him.

    Dani Vera said: “The worship of the cross is of pagan origin, as they used the cross in magic before Christianity, and these ideas impressed the pagan emperors to support the worshipers of the Trinity.”

    God sent the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, to correct the previous books and to worship the one God (the Father) only, and that Jesus is the prophet of God, and this is his true nature like the rest of the prophets

    جديد - تخيل انك ممرضة لحظة ولادة يسوع المسيح! - احمد ديدات Ahmed Deedat

    الكريسماع عيد وثني! هاشم في حوار مع مسيحية الجزء الأخير

    شمسي يرد على التهنئة بالكريسماس

    . متى ولد المسيح عيسى عليه السلام ..مفاجاة ماذا قال الشيخ أحمد ديدات

    هل يمكن تهنئة المسيحيين بعيد الميلاد المجيد ( الكريسماس ) Can we say merry Christmas to Christians

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    Jun 2013


    Prophet Muḥammad's personality was very simple, compassionate and loving towards others. This human aspect did not stem from his abstract human personality, but rather from the fact that he was a human being chosen by Allah to bear the responsibility of prophethood. Allah therefore purified him, taught him and sent him as a mercy to the world.

    However, the human aspect of the Prophet – blessings and peace be upon him – is clearly observable in the various situations of his life. We find it in his behavior towards his family members. It has never been reported in Islamic traditions that he was violent towards his family. On the contrary, he devoted part of his time to the service of his family, helping them with the various domestic tasks. In addition, he allowed them to attend Fridays and feasts, and he even held running competitions with them.

    The Messenger of Allah loved servants and workers, and treated them well. He recommended to his companions, and to Muslims in general, that they be benevolent towards servants and slaves.

    The human aspect of the Prophet was not limited to his entourage, he behaved in the same way with his enemies and on the battlefields.
    During his greatest victory, when the Prophet retook Makkah and his Quraysh enemies were defeated and surrendered to him, he entered it humbly, with his head bowed, without vengeance or bloodshed. He granted complete forgiveness to his enemies simply and unconditionally surrendering. Moreover, in his battles, the Prophet advised Muslims not to kill children, women and old people, in this connection, he recommended them thus: "Do not kill an old man, a young child or a woman ".

    The tenderness of the Prophet was not limited to humans, but also extended to include animals who are unable to express their pain and needs. He urged his companions to be kind to animals, telling them the story of the man who took pity on a thirsty dog and presented it with water. So Allah forgave him and admitted him to paradise.

    A careful examination of the life of the Prophet - blessings and peace be upon him - shows us that he suffered persecution and injustice in Mecca; however, he was not swayed by the cruelty he experienced, and he had no unbridled desire to seek revenge on those who wronged him.

    Such is the personality of the Prophet peace be upon him – the human being who changed the face of the world, a simple, merciful and great personality.

    هاشم ضد الكنيسة المسيحية/هاشم الجلاد يفحم مبشرين مسيحيين

    هاشم الجلاد/الإطاحة بالمبشرين المسيحيين/الجزء الثاني

    شاب بريطاني يعتنق الإسلام بعدما اقتنع بحجج محمد علي

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    Jun 2013


    قصة أنسيلم تورميدا و اكتشافه لاسم الرسول في الانجيل

    أمريكية تعتنق الإسلام مع الشيخ عثمان بن فاروق

    جواب رائع للداعية عبد الرحيم جرين بخصوص عمل المرأة - مترجم

    تغير أسلوبه بعد رد الشيخ عثمان بن فاروق عليه

    Why did Paul go to Arabia : مترجمة : abdur raheem Green ? لماذا ذهب بولس إلی الجزيرة العربية ۔

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    Jun 2013


    Allah conveyed the message to another Arab prophet to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, for several reasons
    Not because the Arabs wanted an Arab prophet, as you claim

    The reasons are

    Because the Jews corrupted and distorted the Torah, and the Christians also corrupted and distorted the Bible

    And because these previous messages were for their people in their time only

    And because the nation of Muhammad, peace be upon him, will carry the trust and will follow the guidance of the Qur’an and respect the teachings of God and His Messenger

    She was an old woman. Carrying a heavy load on her head heat licking at her sunburned faces. That was no whether to walking fast to an average man. She was gliding on her effort to reach home before sun set.

    A young man comes on her way, she could see in his eyes, kind of gentle concern. Asking her if he could help with her load. She readily obliged.

    She was a talkative women. Not letting this young man reply, she kept telling him more than an afternoon sun can bear.

    They reached her destination, the man helped the woman put away her belongings. The old woman, with a wide smile of gratitude at this stranger’s kindness, turned to him and said,

    Thank you now, young man. You’ve really been so kind. That generosity and smile is very rare to find now a days. Let me give you some advice, since you’ve been so very nice to me. There is man called Muhammad has arrived here in our town. He is a magician and he is misleading many asking them to believe in one God. Stay away from Muhammad. Don’t heed his word or emulate his way. If you do, you will never have true peace, and all you will find is trouble.

    As the young man listened to her and turned to walk away, she stopped to ask his name before he part and go.

    "What is your name", she asked.

    And he replied;

    “Ana Muhammad” (I am Muhammad)

    She then accepted Him and his teachings.

    Who was Prophet Muhammad?

    A man, as long as you read his critics, will remain in your mind as a liar, magician, war wager and killer etc.

    A man, reading his complete life story, makes you fall in love with him (peace be upon him).

    الشيخ عبدالرحيم جرين داعية بريطاني ..

    امرأة أسلمت بسبب ابتسامة|��️الدّاعية حمزة تزورتزس.

    نصراني يدعي أن الكتاب المقدس ليس فيه تناقضات ففاجأه ش.عثمان بن فاروق

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    Jun 2013


    The prophets are all Muslims, and they pray like each other , and after the end of the prayer, they ask God
    And Jesus did like them, he is a Muslim

    When Muslims perform the daily prayer “Salah”, they bow down in prostration to God, displaying their submission to God. They touch the ground with their forehead and the tip of their nose.

    Allah says in the Quran,

    “O you who have believed, bow and prostrate and worship your Lord and do good – that you may succeed.” [Noble Quran 22:77]

    So, what does the Bible have to say?

    “They (the angels) fell down on their faces before the throne and worshiped God” [Revelation 7:11]

    “Going a little farther, he (Jesus) fell with his face to the ground and prayed…” [Matt 26:39]

    “Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the LORD our Maker” [Psalm 95:6]

    “Manoah and his wife fell with their faces to the ground.” [Judges 13:20]

    “When all the people saw this, they fell prostrate and cried, ‘The LORD–he is God! The LORD–he is God!'” [I Kings 18:39]

    “So Ahab went off to eat and drink, but Elijah climbed to the top of Carmel, bent down to the ground and put his face between his knees.” [I Kings 18:42]

    “Jehoshaphat bowed down with his face to the ground, and all the people of Judah and Jerusalem fell down in worship before the LORD.” [2 Chronicles 20:18]

    “They knelt on the pavement with their faces to the ground, and they worshiped and gave thanks to the LORD, saying, “He is good; his love endures forever.” [2 Chronicles 7:3]

    “Ezra praised the LORD, the great God; and all the people lifted their hands and responded, “Amen! Amen!” Then they bowed down and worshiped the LORD with their faces to the ground.” [Nehemiah 8:6]

    “And Joshua fell on his face to the earth and worshiped” [Joshua 5:14]

    “And Moses made haste, and bowed his head toward the earth, and worshipped.” [Exodus 34:8]

    “When Abraham’s servant heard their words, he bowed himself to the ground before the LORD.” [Genesis 24:52]
    Supplication (Du’a)

    When the prayer is over Muslims, raise their heads in “Du’a” thanking God for all the blessings He has given them and asking for forgiveness.

    “Our Lord, give us in this world [that which is] good and in the Hereafter [that which is] good and protect us from the punishment of the Fire.” [Noble Quran 2:201]

    “… when Solomon had made an end of praying all this prayer and supplication unto the LORD, he arose from before the altar of the LORD, from kneeling on his knees with his hands spread up to heaven.” [I Kings 8:54]

    when Jesus had made an end of praying
    “And Jesus lifted up his eyes and said, ‘Father, I thank you that you have heard me. I knew that you always hear me, but I said this on account of the people standing around, that they may believe that you sent me.'” [John 11:41-42]

    So, you can see that it’s Islam that correctly continues in the tradition of the earlier prophets. That’s because Islam is not a new religion. Islam, which is an Arabic word meaning submission to the will of God, was the religion of all the prophets and messengers from Muhammad ﷺ to Jesus to David to Moses to Jacob to Abraham to Noah and all the way back to Adam (peace be upon them all).

    All of God’s prophets brought the message of Islam, submission to God and “Tawheed”; the absolute oneness of God. It’s only people who changed it around.

    كيف كان المسيح عليه السلام يصلى؟ || ?How Did Jesus (as) Pray

    إنجلترا تحتاج الإسلام!! حوار حمزة مع شاب بريطاني محترم

    أب وابنه يراجعان أنفسهما بعد حوار رائع وقصير مع عباس

    دعوة رائعة لفتاة بريطانية - حوار عمران مع زائرة

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    Jun 2013


    القرآن يذهل العالم ويكشف 10 أسرار تاريخية عن الفراعنة ومصر القديمة لم تُكتشف إلا حديثاً

    مُسيئة للحجاب تتلقن درس صعب! هاشم عدنان والشيخ

    كيف عرف النبي ذلك؟! - حدث تاريخي مفصل يذكره القرآن بدقة ويفشل الكتاب المقدس في ذكره

    مسيحي يعتنق الإسلام بعد أن صحّح الشيخ عثمان له المفاهيم

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    Jun 2013


    Allah says in the Quran what means

    {Glory be to Him Who made His servant to go on a night from the Sacred Mosque to the remote mosque of which We have blessed the precincts, so that We may show to him some of Our signs; surely He is the Hearing, the Seeing.} (Al-Israa' 17:1)

    There is no doubt that Al-Isra (the night journey) followed by Al-Miraj (the heavenly ascension) was one of the miracles in the life of our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). According to the most accepted view, it happened on the 27th of Rajab, the seventh month of the Hijri calendar, in the tenth year of Muhammad's prophethood.

    It is reported in Hadith literature, that the Messenger of Allah was carried from the Sacred Mosque in Makkah to the "Farthest Mosque" (Al-Masjid al-Aqsa) in Jerusalem on a creature called Al-Buraq in the company of the archangel Gabriel (peace be upon him). There he led a congregational prayer of the prophets of God.

    Then Gabriel took him to the heavens where he met the prophets Adam, John, Jesus, Idris, Aaron and Moses (peace be on them all). In the seventh heaven, he met Abraham (peace be on him).

    He was then brought to the Divine Presence. The details of this encounter are beautifully detailed in the beginning of surat An-Najm (52).

    Prayer: God-given Gift

    During this time, Allah ordered for his nation fifty daily Prayers. But on the Prophet's return, he was told by Prophet Moses (peace be on him) that his followers could not perform fifty Prayers. Thus, he went back and eventually it was reduced to five daily Prayers. After this, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) returned to Makkah on the same night itself.

    Therefore, Muslims should be thankful to Allah for this gift. They should take care of it and never neglect it. It is the thing that allows the Muslim to communicate with the creator five times as day.

    The speed of the animal outweigh the aircraft

    This is different from human industries

    This is from Allah

    it's miracles

    like Stick of Moses, peace be upon him

    After all these matters took place with the Prophet, he returned to the city of Makkah. Some scholars said the Prophet's journey took about one-third of the night, i.e., his journey from Makkah to Jerusalem, then to the heavens and what is above them, and then back to Makkah The next day the Prophet told the people what happened to him the previous night. The blasphemers belied the Prophet and mocked him, saying, "We need a month to get there and back, and you are claiming to have done all this in one night?"

    They said to Abu Bakr, "Look at what your companion is saying. He says he went to Jerusalem and came back in one night." Abu Bakr told them, "If he said that, then he is truthful. I believe him concerning the news of the heavens--that an angel descends to him from the heavens. How could I not believe he went to Jerusalem and came back in a short period of time--when these are on earth?" At that, the Companion, Abu Bakr, was called "as-Siddiq"--because of how strongly he believed all what the Prophet said.

    The blasphemous people questioned the Prophet: "If you are truthful, then describe to us Masjid al-Aqsa and its surroundings." They asked this because they knew Prophet Muhammad had never been there before the previous night. Allah enabled the Messenger to see Masjid al-Aqsa, and he described the masjid and its surroundings in exact detail. Moreover, the Prophet said, "On my way back, I saw some of your shepherds grazing their animals in a particular location. They were searching for a camel they had lost." The Prophet continued by giving the description of the camel. When these shepherds came back, they told their people what happened to them--precisely as the Prophet had already told them.

    These blasphemers admitted the Prophet's description was exact. Despite that, They did accept Islam. Only those whom Allah willed to be guided, will be guided. The person whom Allah did not will to be guided, will not believe--regardless of how much explanation or how many proofs he is shown. The person whom Allah willed to be guided, surely he will be a believer. Many people witnessed miracles and believe


    Isra and Miraj (Night Journey) - Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

    يابانية تسأل لماذا تصدقون اسراء النبي من مكة الى الاقصى بليلة واحدة ؟ د ذاكر نايك Dr Zakir Naik

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    Jun 2013


    modification, change of the word of God and absurdity on the prophets
    Of the jurisdiction of Jews and Christians

    In the Bible there are the words of God, the words of certain prophets, the words of historians, and there are even passages (stories) that a man could not read to his mother, his sister, his fiancé if she is an honest and virtuous woman. The Bible is not the word of God alone.

    The Quran is there to clarify the errors and infiltrations of the other books.

    Example: The death of Christ.

    God will ask Jesus on Judgment Day if he told people to worship him and he will say "of course not, you know very well that I would not have done anything like that except what you ordered me to do. to do "and all this prayers and everything that is done for Jesus is useless.

    the absurdities attributed to the prophets and pious men found in the "holy" bible. As a Muslim, we do not recognize this nonsense. The prophets, peace be upon them, are innocent of this gossip.

    When we read the Bible, as Muslims, we come across certain absurdities such as the prophet Lot (as) who allegedly slept with his two daughters under the influence of alcohol and who became pregnant with him through incest , or David (as) who would have committed adultery with Uri's wife and would have had her husband killed to marry her then, Aaron (as) who would have made the idol of the golden calf which perverts the sons of Israel, Solomon (as) who would have ended his polytheistic life because of his wives, etc. May God preserve us from saying such nonsense about the best men who walked this earth.

    Now let's see another absurdity attributed to the prophet Noah (as).

    The tragic episode of Noah's nudity

    We read in Genesis chapter 9, 22-23 this:

    “Noah, first a farmer planted a vineyard. He drank of his wine and got drunk, and lay naked in the midst of his tent. Ham, the father of Canaan, saw his father's nakedness, and went outside to tell his two brothers. Shem and Japheth took the blanket, spread it over their shoulders, and, walking backwards, covered their father's nakedness, but did not see it, their faces being turned. " (Translation of the French Rabbinate, Genesis 9, 20-23)

    The first thing that shocks here is seeing the prophet Noah (as) getting drunk to the point of undressing while remaining naked "in the middle of his tent". Besides this absurdity attributed to this noble prophet, there is another ...

    What to say after all this? Not much. Christians who attempt to refute the Jewish comments should be very careful because Jesus (as) allegedly said, “The scribes and Pharisees are seated in the pulpit of Moses. So do and observe whatever they tell you; but do not act according to their works. Because they say, and don't. ” (Matthew 23, 2-3).

    That is, the Jews are the best able to understand their scriptures. Not to mention that they consider that the Talmud contains part of the oral Torah which was revealed to Moses (as) on Mount Sinai ... It is therefore a revelation for them.

    And if Christians still want to refute this fact, then Jesus did not say: “He who does not love me does not keep my words. And the word which you hear is not mine, but of the Father who sent me. ” (John 14,24).

    How the Bible was corrupted by Dr. Bart Ehrman YouTube

    كيف تم تحريف الانجيل الدكتور بارت ايرمان‎ YouTube

    هل المسيح خالد؟ هاشم في حوار مع مسيحي

    من هو الإله الحق؟ هاشم ومنصور في حوار مع مسيحيين الجزء الأول

    من هو الإله الحق؟ هاشم ومنصور في حوار مع مسيحيين الجزء الثاني

  15. #115
    Jun 2013


    changing of the qiblah

    They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah refuses except to perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it. (9:32 Quran)

    Whats Amazing? What is the fastest growing religion upon the planet? Go on, share some truth if you're able.

    So here's some facts. To begin with the Kabah was built by Prophet Abraham long before Prophet Muhammad. Maybe your historical researchers failed to mention that?

    The Prophet Muhammad (saw) didn't change the direction of prayer from Jerusalem to Mecca, God himself did.

    "The foolish among the people will say, "What has turned them away from their qiblah, which they used to face?" Say, "To Allah belongs the east and the west. He guides whom He wills to a straight path." (2:142 Quran)

    While that verse mentions the changing of the qiblah (the direction of prayer) it also makes it permissible to pray in ANY direction if one doesn't know where Mecca is. Where's your saturn worship at in this case?

    The qiblah was changed as a test for a believer, because a believer, unlike others, accepts the commands of God.

    "And We did not make the qiblah which you used to face except that We might make evident who would follow the Messenger from who would turn back on his heels. And indeed, it is difficult except for those whom Allah has guided. (2:143 Quran)

    Muslims do not worship a box in the desert, they do not worship a prophet. Muslims worship the Creator, alone without partner.
    There are 2 billion Muslims on this planet. Why don't you just ask one instead of believing garbage on the internet?

    Say, "Is it other than Allah that you order me to worship, O ignorant ones?" (39:64 Quran)

    The Kaaba is the Qibla, i.e. the direction that Muslims face when they pray. It is important to point out that although Muslims turn towards the Kaaba to pray, they do not worship the Kaaba as such. Muslims worship only Allah and do not bow down to anyone other than Him.

    Islam promotes unity
    If Muslims were left free to choose the direction in which they want to pray, some would choose the north, others would choose the south, etc. In order to unite all Muslims in their worship of the One God, wherever they are, Islam asks them to all look in the same direction, i.e. that of the Kaaba. Muslims living west of the Kaaba look east, and those living east of the Kaaba look west to pray.

    The Kaaba is in the center of the world map Muslims were the first to draw a world map. They first located the south in the upper part and the north in the lower part, with the Kaaba in the center. Later, western cartographers drew it the other way around, that is, with north and south located where we know them today. Nevertheless, alhamdulillah, the Kaaba has remained at the center of the world map.

    Tawaf around the Kaaba
    When Muslims go to the Masjid-e-Haram in Mecca, they do tawaf (they circle) around the Kaaba. This act symbolizes the belief and worship of one God; as each circle has only one center, there is also only one God (Allah) who is worthy of worship.

    Muslims do not worship the black stone: Omar's hadith (may Allah be pleased with him) answers:
    Regarding the black stone, al-hajar-al-aswaad, there is a hadith narrated by the illustrious companion of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Omar

    In hadith 675 of chapter 56 of the book of Hajj found in volume 2 of Sahih Bukhari, Omar (may Allah be pleased with him) said: "I know that you are only a stone and that you cannot bring me good or bad.

    People went up to the Kaaba to do adhan
    During the Prophet's time, people even went up to the Kaaba to make the "adhan", or the call to prayer. To those who claim that Muslims worship the Kaaba we ask: what idolater would dare to stand on the idol he worships?

    How to know Qibla direction if you visit a new place & What if you prayed in wrong direction - Assim

    س11- لماذا تركعون للكعبة ان كنتم ضد عبادة الاصنام؟ - مفاهيم خاطئة عن الاسلام - د ذاكر نايك

    الدكتور ذاكر نايك - بشرى بعث النبي محمد في كتب الديانات السابقة

    Change Of Qibla From Jerusalem To Kaaba By Nouman Ali

  16. #116
    Jun 2013


    شابات أوروبيين منبهرين بالإسلام، ولكن أصبحوا عاطفيين

    المثلية هي حب! حقاً؟ هاشم يواجه فتاة زائرة | ركن المتحدثين | Hyde Park

    منصّر يتدخل لإيقاف فتاة من اعتناق الإسلام بعد اقتناعها به - الجزء الأول


    منصّر يتدخل لإيقاف فتاة من اعتناق الإسلام بعد اقتناعها به - الجزء الثاني والأخير

  17. #117
    Jun 2013


    فتاة ايطالية معجبة بالإسلام ♤ هاشم

    أمريكية مندهشة من معجزات الرسول ﷺ

    متحدث جديد يجذب شابات بريطانيات بأسلوبه الانيق، والدعوة الراقية

    ملحد يهاجم الصهاينة في حواره مع الداعية هاشم

  18. #118
    Jun 2013


    Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, said: “purity is half of faith,” reported by Imam Muslim.

    Scientists also assert that cleanliness help prevent almost most diseases. When the body remains clean and pure, it gets rid of most of the germs and dust that get stuck with. Such purity prevents several diseases such as skin and mouth diseases.

    Moreover, constant cleanliness of the face and the hands entails the decrease of the number of germs that attack the body through the mouth and nose. Hence, the diseases of the respiratory and digestive system are also reduced.

    Purity (in body, mind, and heart) is half of faith


    A recent scientific study confirms that having lights on when going to bed impacts the biological processes inside the brain and causes disorders that lead to obesity. Consequently, scientists recommend turning lights off at night to protect the body and brain.

    Glory to Allah; this advice, recommended by scientists in the 21st century, was long stated by Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him

    14 centuries ago. A sound chain of transmission reported: Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, said: "when you go to bed, put the lamps off." The question is: isn’t this hadith sufficient evidence that Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, speaks nothing but the truth?

    لماذا تغضبون عندما تتم الإساءة لنبيكم؟ | محمد علي في حوار مع زوار

    سواح أمريكيين: أب وابنته مندهشان من الإسلام

    بطل العالم في الملاكمة تايسون فيوري يعلن إسلامه وسط ترحيب مسلمي أمريكا - Tyson Fury Becomes a Muslim

  19. #119
    Jun 2013


    One of the Prophetic purification methods is the prohibition of urinating in water. It has been proven that human urine contains a number of germs and bacteria that are transmitted form one person to another through water. Urinating in water, particularly stagnant water, causes the spread of many epidemics such as cholera, typhoid, and polio just as it’s the case in public swimming pools. Therefore, Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, forbade it so as to guarantee us, in Allah’s will, a happy, disease free life.

    One of the Prophetic purification methods is washing hands as soon as waking up in order to remove the germs and remnants of sweat that get stuck to them while sleeping. Today, scientists emphasize the significance of washing hands in order to prevent diseases. Such emphasis clarifies the importance of the following hadith: “when you get up from bed, don’t put your hand in a bowel (of food or drink) before washing it three times,” reported by al-Bukhari and Muslim. One might wonder: who could have revealed the significance of washing hands to Prophet Mohammad?


    One of the purification methods is performing Istinja (cleaning the private parts) after the call of nature as well as cleaning the place of urinating well. A great medical benefit of following such a good habit has been proven for the good removal of impurities (Najasaat) prevents several diseases of the reproductive system.

    This was confirmed by Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, when he instructed us to perform Istinja and purify ourselves. Within the Islamic context, believers must have a bath at least once a week, every Friday, so as to clean the skin surface from dirt, bacteria, germs, fungi, and the remnants of sweat thus preventing skin diseases, enhancing its breathing, and maintaining its pores. Once again, one wonders who could have informed Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, about the significance of cleanliness for the prevention of diseases. (Istinja means the removal of dirt that is left on the body after the call of nature: such as urine or faeces)

    الاف الجنود الامريكان يدخلون الإسلام Thousands of US Soldiers Become Muslims

    لماذا تستنجون بورق المرحاض وليس بالماء؟ - حوار منصور مع ملحدين
    Why do you use toilet paper and not water? Mansour's dialogue with atheists

    في البداية حولوا المغادرة، ولكن غيروا رأيهم بسبب الإسلام ، زيشان وفتيات التشيك

    رجل يفاجئ هاشم أثناء حديثه وينطق بالشهادة

  20. #120
    Jun 2013



    Scientists affirm that aging is the best way to end human life naturally; otherwise, any attempt to prolong human life above certain limits would have serious impacts, the least of which is cancer. Besides, they say: “any attempt to become immortal goes against nature.” They have concluded that despite spending billions to treat aging and prolong human life, experiments prove useless. Such a conclusion is exactly what the great Prophet pointed out when he said: “Oh servants of Allah, seek remedy for Allah has not sent down an illness without sending down a cure for it except for one illness, aging,” reported by Imam Ahmad.

    Scientists declare that human growth stops after 20 thus disabling the body from getting rid of part of the bad blood. Accordingly, toxins begin to accumulate especially in the back (the non-moving part of the body). The increase of aging blood cells causes a defect in the circulatory functioning thus leading to a defect in the functioning of the body systems. Consequently, cupping is highly recommended since it rids the body of bad blood. Al-Bukhari reported: the messenger of Allah said: “if there is any good in any of your medical treatments, it is in a scarification for cupping.”

    جائت لتنتقد الإسلام أصبحت خائفة أن تسلم! شمسي وزائرة ركن الخطباء المتحدثين Speakers Corner

    فتاة بريطانية تقتنع بتعدد الزوجات - ركن المتحدثين

    لماذا الإسلام يحرم الشذوذ! طالبة بريطانية وشمسي

  21. #121
    Jun 2013


    أعطونى القرآن من فضلكم! فتاة انجليزية ترغب قراءت القرآن، والمسلم يسألها لماذا؟

    فتاة بريطانية للأب، هل حتقبلني لو اسلمت؟ شيخ محمد

    جندي أمريكي أعلن إسلامه فاحضر زوجته واعتنقت الإسلام! الشيخ عثمان فاروق

    ابتسامة كبيرة من بريطانية، اسألي عن الإسلام ولكن ليس عمري

  22. #122
    Jun 2013


    The Treatment of Epidemics:

    Scientists say that the perfect method for eradicating a contagious epidemic is to quarantine infected patients or even suspected ones until the epidemic is cured. Fourteen centuries ago, such a medical fact was unknown. However, Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, revealed it when he said: “when you hear that the plague is in a land, don’t enter it. When it arrives in a land where you are, don’t leave it,” reported by al-Bukhari and Muslim. Isn't this hadith sufficient proof that Prophet Mohammad is the messenger of Allah?

    Sujud (Prostration to Allah):

    Researchers have found out that Sujud has numerous benefits since it activates blood movement in the blood vessels and guarantees pumping blood to the brain. This has a positive psychological impact on people for they feel closer to Allah, the Great Creator. Hence, people's distresses and agonies vanish because Allah the Almighty is greater than this world and whatever is in it. That’s why when one of the companions asked Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, for his (eternal) companionship in paradise, Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, told him: “then help me with plenty of prostration,” reported by Imam Muslim.

    Brushing Teeth:

    Scientists have discovered that regular teeth brushing strengthens the memory i.e. removing bacteria from the mouth strengthens the immune system. This confirms what Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, said: "If I had not found it hard for my followers or the people, I would have ordered them to clean their teeth with Siwak (toothbrush) for every prayer," reported by al-Bukhari and Muslim.

    The pastor converted his entire church to Islam

    حول القس كنيسته بأكملها إلى الإسلام

    رؤيا جعلت من القسيس مسلمًا

    U.S. Soldier Converts to Islam After Trump & Afghanistan War - w. Lourdes Loyola

    أنا أريد إعتناق الاسلام ولكن ؟ يوشع ايفانز مترجم

    حوار رائع وهادئ بين هاشم وفتاة دانماركية مسيحية

  23. #123
    Jun 2013


    Prophet Mohamed says to his companions (this subject will reach all places the same as night and day) which means that Islam will spread to reach all places the same as night and day reach every place on earth .

    Indeed, today statistics says that religion of Islam is in every place in the world!! As these statistics says that by the year 2025 , Islam will be the first religion all over the world according to number of followers , this is not an exaggerated saying with no doubt these numbers are real , as these figures came from non Muslim scientists.

    Statistical experts confirm that Islam is the fastest growing religion and there are Muslims in all countries all over the world but with different ratios. The question, isn’t this the same as what prophet Mohamed said to his companions 1400 years ago?
    The prophet said (ground was made for me as a place to prayer and also a method to be pure) [Narrated by Muslim]. in a new research scientists discovered that there are Antibiotics in the soil of earth , these Antibiotics can clean up and kill the most obstinate kind of bacteria , which prove that soil is a Disinfectant.

    In a new study scientists said that there are some kinds of soil which can remove the most obstinate kind of bacteria. Today, scientists are looking for manufacturing a killer for the most obstinate kind of bacteria extracted from soil. After many tests in laboratory they found that during 24 hour soil can remove an entire colony of bacteria but the same colony had multiplied 45 times without mud.

    Scientists discovered that soil contains antibiotics, and without this feature life would not continue because of viruses and bacteria that may reach human and may eliminate his life and destroy him, but god with his mercy put the cleansing feature to ensure the continuation of our life. We have to thank god for this blessing.

    Islam Is the fastest growing religion in the world By sheikh ...

    By proofs, Islam is The right way of life ever .Dr zakir Naik - ...

    حمزة تزورتزس يغير قناعات ملحد خلال 6 دقائق فقط

    حمزة تزورتزس يفحم ملحد ويبين كذبه ما شاء الله Hamza Tzortzis exposes an Academic atheist lying

  24. #124
    Jun 2013


    Hijrah from Mecca to Madinah
    order from allah
    to the Prophet Muhammad
    Peace be upon him

    because Quraish hurt the Prophet and the Muslims

    Hijrah, in essence, is a process of transfer to a better situation. It is not meant to find a comfortable place where one would relax and stop endeavor (attempt). Rather, it is a search for an environment more favorable to continuous and constructive effort. Immediately after reaching Madinah, the Prophet undertook an all-embracing process to establish a faithful and strong society. This is a significant aspect and important lesson to learn from Hijrah.

    In the Glorious Qur'an, Allah, Most High, says, "Those who believe, and migrate and strive in Allah’s cause, with their goods and their persons, have the highest rank in the sight of Allah: they are indeed the successful people. Their Lord does give them glad tidings of a Mercy from Himself, of His good pleasure, and of Gardens where enduring pleasure will be theirs: They will dwell therein forever. Verily in Allah’s presence is a reward, the greatest (of all)." (Al-Tawbah 9: 20-22)

    The calendar year of Islam begins not with the birthday of our prophet (peace be on him), not from the time that the revelation came to him (Bethat) nor from the time of his ascension to heaven, but with the migration (Hijra) from an undesirable environment into a desirable place to fulfill Allah's command. It was migration from a plot that was set by the leaders of the Quraysh who were plotting to kill prophet Muhammad, and to destroy the truth that today is being conveyed to mankind everywhere against tyranny and injustice. Their purpose was to destroy the foundation of the Islamic state, the Sunnah of the tradition of the prophet, and to prevent the revelation being delivered by Allah's messenger to mankind.

    The Islamic calendar is reckoned from the time of migration (Hijra) of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) from Mecca to Madina. The Prophet's decision to migrate from Mecca came after several years of inhuman treatment of the faithful by the powerful tribes who were united despite all their feuds to stop the spread of Islam.

    Prophet Mohammad's decision to leave Mecca coincided with the infidel's plan to assassinate him. In 622 AD, the Quresh tribesmen held a meeting and decided that a band of young men, one from each tribe, should assassinate Prophet Mohammad collectively so that their responsibility for the murder could not be placed on any particular tribe.

    On the eventful night, the Prophet asked his cousin Ali Ben Abutalib to take his place in bed to make the Meccans think that he was asleep. The Prophet himself slipped out unobserved alongwith his loyal follower Abu Bakr (who was chosen as the first C aliph after the death of the prophet). They secretly made their way to a cave named Thawr, not far from Mecca and lay in hiding there for a day or two until Abu Bakr's son reported that the search for him had been given up. Then the two set out from Madina on camel back. They reached Quba, on the edge of the Madina oasis, on 12th Rabiul Awwal. With Mohammad's arrival in Quba a new phase of his career and glory of Islam started.

    This migration has a special significance in the history of Islam. It ended the Meccan period of humiliation and torture and began the era of success. His own people to whom he preached Islam for 13 years neglected the Prophet of Islam. But he was cordially received in Madina as an honored chief.

    In Madina his power enhanced day by day. Here he was not only the religious leader but took the role of a politician and statesman too. Prophet Mohammad expired ten years after his migration to Madina but only in one decade he changed the course of human history.

    Our religious calendar is the Hijri calendar. It is important for us to keep in mind the meaning and significance of Hijrah.

    Islamic months begin at sunset of the first day, the day when the lunar crescent is visually sighted. The lunar year is approximately 354 days long, so the months rotate backward through the seasons and are not fixed to the Gregorian calendar. The months of the Islamic year are:
    1. Muharram ("Forbidden" - it is one of the four months during which it is forbidden to wage war or fight)
    2. Safar ("Empty" or "Yellow")
    3. Rabia Awal ("First spring")
    4. Rabia Thani ("Second spring")
    5. Jumaada Awal ("First freeze")
    6. Jumaada Thani ("Second freeze")
    7. Rajab ("To respect" - this is another holy month when fighting is prohibited)
    8. Sha'ban ("To spread and distribute")
    9. Ramadan ("Parched thirst" - this is the month of daytime fasting)
    10. Shawwal ("To be light and vigorous")
    11. Dhul-Qi'dah ("The month of rest" - another month when no warfare or fighting is allowed)
    12. Dhul-Hijjah ("The month of Hajj" - this is the month of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, again when no warfare or fighting is allowed)

    Hijrah was one of the most important events in the history of Islam. It is for this reason `Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) adopted Hijrah date to calculate years. Muslims chose Hijrah as the focal point to reckon their chronology. In physical terms, Hijrah was a journey between two cities about 200 miles apart, but in its grand significance it marked the beginning of an era, a civilization, a culture and a history for the whole mankind. Islam progressed not only from the physical Hijrah, but because Muslims took Hijrah seriously in all its aspects and dimensions.


    Life Of The Final Messenger - Muhammad pbuh (Seerah) - 12 Hijrah (Migration) - Mufti Ismail Menk

    Hijra of the Prophet Muhammad SAWS By Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman

  25. #125
    Jun 2013


    Prophet Mohamed spoke very carefully about a scientific fact realized by scientists few years ago. He said ( God will not held day of resurrection unless Arab land returns greens and rivers again ) [Narrated by Muslim.] scientifically, it was proved that one day the Arabian peninsula was full of greens and rivers as satellite photos confirm that there are buried rivers under the sand of Arab land , one of the great scientists of the American space agency (NASA) says that the taken photos for the desert had shown that one day this area was covered with rivers and lakes like Europe and one day in the future it will back again like the past.

    NASA scientists confirms that one day desert of Rub ' Al Khali and the Arabian Peninsula was covered with rivers, forests and animals and they confirm that this land will back again like the past , as referenced by the prophetic Hadith.

    The Prophetic Hadith about the straight way in Day of Resurrection is considered to be one of the scientific miracles in the prophetic Sunnah. In this Hadith the prophet says: ( don't you see that the lightning comes and back in an eye blink)

    [Narrated by Muslim] .there is complete identification between our prophet saying and the most recent discovery concerning the lightning flash as scientists had found that the lightning flash happens when a ray of lightning get out of the cloud toward the ground and back again to the cloud! In that Hadith a sign that prophet
    Mohamed (Peace be upon him) talked very carefully about phases of the lightning, and also he determined the time as it is the time of an eye blink!

    Scientists had found that lightning has many phases and the most important phases are going down phase and going back phase. Time of the lightning flash is 25 Fraction of a second and this is the same as time of eye blink, isn't this the same as what prophet Mohamed said 1400 years ago?

    من مُعادٍ كاره إلى مؤمن محب - رحلة إيمان يورام فان كلافيرين

    The Speed of Lightning...FUNNY Sh. Dr. Bilal Philips...

    When the Moors Muslims Ruled Europe Documentary

    معجزة مرور البرق بين العلم والإيمان

  26. #126
    Jun 2013


    Recently, scientists had discovered that forelock area (upper and front of the brain) controls right decisions making, so as long as this are is active and efficient ,the taken decisions would be more accurate and wise .prophet Mohamed (Peace be upon him) says in his supplication (oh god, my forelock is between your hand) [Narrated by Ahmed].

    in this supplication there is a full submission from the prophet to his god be he exalted as god is controlling however he wants and is predetermining whatever he wants . Also scientists discovered that forelock area plays a vital role in realizing, steering, problem solving and creation. So that prophet Mohamed had submitted this area for his god.

    After long studies for brain activities, scientists had discovered that the most important area is the forelock (forepart of the head ) as this area is responsible for creation and steering operations so prophet Mohamed (Peace be upon him) confirms that this area is so important , and this is a miracle which testify that the prophet is sincere .

    How could he know about that issue in a time when no one knows anything about it? God taught him all of that as god says: (and taught you that which you knew not. And Ever Great is the Grace of Allah unto you) (An-Nisa'- verse 113)
    Prophet Mohamed (Peace be upon him) said: (one of the signs of day of resurrection is the sudden death) [Narrated by AlTabarani]. Certainly, in this Hadith there is a scientific miracle concerning a medical fact which considered being a testimony that Mohamed is god's prophet. United Nations statistics confirms that phenomenon of sudden death appeared in recent days and is increasing despite all preventive procedures.

    Heart doctors confirm that phenomenon of sudden death spread considerably in the last few years, despite the development in medicine and number of dead people by this phenomenon are increasing. Isn't this the same as what was indicated in the prophetic Hadith?

    عابد للشيطان أمريكي يعتنق الإسلام ويلحق بأبيه

    لهذه الأسباب فإن الإسلام هو الحقّ

    لهذا السبب لا أؤمن بإله الكتاب المقدس - حوار حمزة مع شاب محترم

    ابني صار مسلماً وأريد التعرّف على الإسلام | ومنصّر يقاطع

  27. #127
    Jun 2013


    سياح اندهشوا من معرفة حقوق المرأة في الإسلام وأسباب تحجّبها

    فتاة رومانية تعتنق الإسلام بعد حوارها مع شمسي

    شاب بريطاني حاول دحض الإسلام فانتهى به الحال مسلماً

    أمريكية تبكي وتعتنق الإسلام بعد الإجابة عن سؤالها

  28. #128
    Jun 2013


    A person born Christian or Jewish

    What will God do with him?

    Above all, we know that Allah is good and loves kindness in all things; He is the most gracious, the most merciful,
    of a vast mercy which is greater than his anger and revenge, as it is said in the hadith of Abu Hurayrah (peace be upon him) according to which the Prophet (peace be upon him) ) said: “Allah wrote a decree before creating the universe (saying); My mercy prevails over My anger, and it is written with Him above the Throne. »Reported by al-Bukhaari (7554).

    A distinction is made between one who imitated his ancestors even if he knows the truth, and one who imitated his ancestors and had no way of knowing the truth.

    Both categories exist,
    1-therefore he who knew the truth and turned away from it is negligent and has no excuse before Allah.

    2-Those who wanted advice and sought it but could not find it because there was no one to guide them. They are the same decision as those who lived in the intervals between the prophets and those whom the calling did not reach.

    As for those who were unable to ask and learn, and had no way of knowing the truth,

    Allah will judge between his slaves on the day of the resurrection by his wisdom and his righteousness, and he will not punish anyone except those against whom proof is established by means of the messengers. This matter is clear and final.

    those whom the call of Islam has not reached and against whom no evidence has been established through the Messengers, they will be tested on the Day of Resurrection. A messenger will be sent to them there, and those who obey him will enter heaven and those who disobey him will enter hell,

    Beware of neglecting this principle even for a moment, so beware of discussing the divine decree before understanding it. You must understand that the divine decree is like the sun; when you believe in it and You won't give up on that
    , based on the Qur'an and Sunnah, aYour mind will feel comfortable, like one who walks in the light of day

    . God will test his creation as he pleases

    God who created you and created the universe for you

    And you don't thank God!

    You must use your mind to choose the right religion
    And you're alive before it's too late
    Many people have embraced Islam
    missionaries, celebrities and footballers
    They studied and learned everything about Islam
    May allah guide you to the right path

    7 مسيحيين يعتنقون الإسلام وينطقون الشهادتين أثناء محاضرة للداعية ذاكر نايك

    7 Christians convert to Islam

    أحمد ديدات - أين الإنجيل الحقيقى ؟؟

    معلّمة إنجليزية تفاجأت حين تعلّمت هذه الأمور عن الإسلام

    اول معجزة للمسيح في الكتاب المقدس مصيبة

    The first miracle of Christ in the Bible is a disaster

  29. #129
    Jun 2013


    Most of scientists confirm that Senility is the best natural end for human, and any attempt to prolong life above certain limit will cause many effects, one of these effects is cancer. "Lee silver" from Princeton, the American University says:" any attempt to reach immortality is an opposite way against nature". So, it was useless to spend money to treat senility as the spent money was about millions of Dollars. this is the same as what prophet Mohamed (Peace be upon him) said : (oh you ,slaves of God you have to treat yourselves from ills , as each ill has a treatment except Senility , it has no treatment.) [Narrated by Ahmed]
    So science gives us some new facts to verify and prove the truthfulness of the prophet and message of Islam.


    Prophet Muhammad’s miracle of water that flowed from his hands
    On the day of Al-Hudaibiya (Treaty), the people became very thirsty. After completing the ablution, the people had rushed towards the Prophet ﷺ. He asked what was the matter with them. The replied that they had no water for ablution or drinking except a small pot of water which clearly wasn’t enough for them. So he then placed his hand into the pot and water started to flow from his fingers like a spring. Everyone drank and performed ablution that day.

    The people became very thirsty on the day of Al-Hudaibiya (Treaty). A small pot containing some water was in front of the Prophet and when he had finished the ablution, the people rushed towards him. He asked, ‘What is wrong with you?’ They replied, ‘We have no water either for performing ablution or for drinking except what is present in front of you.’ So he placed his hand in that pot and the water started flowing among his fingers like springs. We all drank and performed ablution (from it).” I asked Jabir, “How many were you?” he replied, “Even if we had been one-hundred-thousand, it would have been sufficient for us, but we were fifteen-hundred.”
    [Sahih al-Bukhari]

    لا أستطيع التخلي عن يسوع | هل سيعتنق الإسلام؟ | ش. عثمان بن فاروق

    محمد حجاب يتحدث عن صحة الإسلام

    مسيحي يحاول إثبات ألوهية المسيح من القرآن

    كلام خطير للعائلة الأمريكية من شمسى، قبل أن تذهبوا أقل لكم هذا الكلام

  30. #130
    Jun 2013


    Prophet Muhammad’s miracle of the wedding dinner

    When the Prophet peace be upon him

    consummated his marriage to Zaynab bint Jahsh (may Allah be pleased with her) Anas bin Malik’s mother Umm Sulaim made them ‘Hais’ (a mixture of pure Madinah dates) only enough for the Prophet and his wife.

    When the prophet received the dish from Anas bin Malik, He told him to invite so many companions that the narration mentioned about 300 companions were invited that day. He fed all of his guests until they were full.

    Once they were done the Prophet told Anas bin Malik to take the dish away. As he took the dish away he couldn’t tell whether the dish was the same when he delivered it or increased in its capacity.

    “The Messenger of Allah got married and consummated the marriage with his wife.” He said: “My mother Umm Sulaim made some Hais,

    and I brought it to the Messenger of Allah and said: ‘My mother sends you greetings of Salam, and says to you: ‘This is a little from us.” He said: ‘Put it down.’ Then he said: ‘Go and call so-and-so, and so-and-so, and whoever you meet,’ and he named some men.

    So I called those whom he named and those whom I met.” I said to Anas: “How many were they?” He said: “About three hundred. Then the Messenger of Allah said: ‘Let them sit around the dish of food in groups of ten, one after the other, and let each person eat from what is closest to him.

    ’ They ate until they were full, then one group went out and another group came in. He said to me: ‘O Anas, clear it away.’ So I cleared it away, and I do not know whether there was more when I cleared it away, or when I put it down.”


    Prophet Muhammad’s Quran is the biggest miracle
    Although the miracles listed above are extraordinary, none stack up to the greatest miracle of the Prophet ﷺ, The Holy Quran. No Muslim can disagree that the final revelation from the final Messenger is the undisputed greatest of his miracles. The miracle of the Holy Quran can be proven from multiple perspectives from its historical precision, its linguistic perfection to the many prophecies it accurately foretold. It is a book that was revealed to mankind through the Prophet ﷺ that will remain unchanged until the end of time.

    Above all, the Quran presents a challenge to mankind to produce the likeness of it. A challenge that has lasted over 14 centuries uncontested. That is why the Holy Quran is the greatest miracle of the Prophet
    Say, “If mankind and the jinn gathered in order to produce the like of this Qur’an, they could not produce the like of it, even if they were to each other assistants.”

    حدثني عن الإسلام! بريطاني مسيحى ومنصور

    مستحيل هذا في الكتاب المقدس، شمسي يفاجئ نصراني

    ممرضة تريد أن تسلم والزوج ابى فيقاطع الشيخ...أشهدُ

    هذا يعني 'انا احبك' شمسي في حوار رائع مع فتاة اوروبية

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    Jun 2013


    شاب بريطاني يُفاجئ هاشم ويعتنق الإسلام

    ألماني مسيحي يسخر من طهارة المسلمات فقام منصور برد مفاجئ

    هل سيعتنق هذا الشاب الإسلام؟ | أجوبة مفاجئة

    شاب أمريكي يفاجئ شمسي ويعتنق الإسلام! أدعو له، #لندن

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    Jun 2013


    The Messenger of Allah possesses many manifest miracles and signs demonstrating [his veracity], reaching thousands and they are well known.

    From amongst them was the Qur'an, the manifest and clear miracle and brilliant proof, falsehood cannot approach it from before it or behind it. It is a revelation from One Who is All-Wise and Praiseworthy.

    It incapacitated the most eloquent of people in the most eloquent of times to produce a single chapter than would be comparable to it, even if the whole of creation were to gather for that purpose. Allah, the Exalted, says:

    "Say: if the whole of mankind and the jinn gathered in order to produce the like of this Qur'an, they could not produce the like of it, even if they assisted each other." [Al-Qur'an 17:88]

    It challenged them to this despite their large numbers, their eloquence and their severe enmity, and it challenges them to this day.

    As for the other miracles, it is not possible to enumerate them all due to their huge number and renewing and increasing nature. I will mention some examples:

    The splitting of the moon, water flowing from between his fingers, increasing the quantity of food and water, the glorification of the food,

    the palm tree yearning for him, stones greeting him, the talking of the poisoned leg [of roasted sheep], trees walking towards him,

    two trees that were far apart coming together and then parting again, the barren [and therefore dry]
    sheep giving milk, his returning the eye of Qatadah ibn an-Nu'man to its place with his hand after it had slipped out, his splitting lightly into the eye of 'Ali when it had become inflamed and its being cured almost immediately, his wiping the leg of 'Abdullah ibn 'Atiq whereupon he was immediately cured.

    His informing of the places of death of the polytheists on the Day of Badr saying,

    "this is the place of such-and-such a person." His informing of his killing Ubayy ibn Khalaf, that a group of his nation would traverse an ocean and 'Umm Haram would be amongst them and this occurred.

    That all was drawn together for him of the ends of the earth and displayed to him would be opened for his nation, that the treasures of Chosroes would be spend by his nation in the Way of Allah, the Mighty and Magnificent.

    That he feared for his nation that they would be tempted by the wealth and allurement of this world and that the treasures of the Persians and Romans would be ours and that Suraqah ibn Malik would wear the trousers of Chosroes.

    ضايق الفتاة حتى مسحت بكرامته الأرض أمام منصور! منصور وفتاة غير مسلمة ضد متطفل

    نصرانيان جاءا لدحض الإسلام فصارا أضحوكة أمام الناس بعد ان أخرسهم شمسي

    انت ذكي جدًا بالنسبة لي! نصراني جاء من أمريكا ليهشّم هاشم ولكن هشّم نفسه

    اتريكيه! نصرانية تهبش وتلمس شاب لأنها خايفة يسلم فى يد منصور

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    Jun 2013


    12 of Rabi alawal

    Birth of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

    The best people in the past and present

    he Is the best man walking with his feet on the ground

    God says in the Holy Qur'an

    Praise of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

    (159) So by mercy from Allah, [O Muammad], you were lenient with them. And if you had been rude [in speech] and harsh in heart, they would have disbanded from about you. So pardon them and ask forgiveness for them and consult them in the matter. And when you have decided, then rely upon Allah. Indeed, Allah loves those who rely [upon Him].

    (4) And indeed, you are of a great moral character

    - Not steal - did not commit adultery - and never did not lie he called infidels and the polytheists (Sadiq the secretary)

    - Maintain the trust and give it back to the owners of the infidels

    Despite the attempt to kill him several times (on migration from Mecca to Medina)
    - Has not seen false speech and never warned that a final warning
    - An amnesty for all those who offended him (on the opening of Mecca)
    - Very high morals
    - Rahim in the treatment of non-Muslims and to provide advice and guidance to them
    Although bad words from them and beyond the literature
    - Did not drink the wine in his life
    - Did not worship an idol ever
    - Did not seen anything taboo

    Narrated Al-Mughira bin Shu'ba (may Allah be pleased with him) :

    The Prophet (peace be upon him) used to pray so much that his feet used to become edematous or swollen, and when he was asked as to why he prays so much, he would say,
    "Shall I not be a thankful slave (to Allah)?"

    Bukhari Volume 8, Book 76, Number 478

    Narrated Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him
    I heard Allah's Apostle saying.
    "By Allah! I ask for forgiveness from Allah and turn to Him in repentance more than seventy times a day.

    Bukhari Volume 8, Book 75, Number 319

    Narrated Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him) :

    Allah's Apostle said:

    For every prophet there is one (special invocation (that will not be rejected) with which he appeals (to Allah)
    and I want to keep such an invocation for interceding
    for my followers in the Hereafter.

    Bukhari Volume 8, Book 75, Number 317e

    Narrated Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him):

    The Prophet (peace be upon him) said,

    "There was no prophet among the prophets but was given miracles because of which people had security or had belief, but what I was given was the Divine Inspiration which Allah revealed to me. So I hope that my followers will be more than those of any other prophet on the Day of Resurrection. "
    Volume 9, Book 92, Number 379

    - Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him
    And a role model, just do not look like everyone
    In religion and worship, education, work, The moral and material transactions

    -Whatever I wrote would not be able to reach an appropriate description of him
    God says in the Holy Qur'an

    (28) It is He who sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to manifest it over all religion. And sufficient is Allah as Witness

    (21) There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and [who] remembers Allah often

    الإحتفال بالمولد النبوي جميل جدااا الشيخ أحمد ديدات

    ماذا قال علماء الغرب عن محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم.flv

    محمد رسول الله ( الشيخ خالد ياسين) مترجم مؤثر جداً

    حكم الاحتفال بالمولد النبوي - ذاكر نايك Zakir Naik

    حكم الاحتفال بالمولد النبوي - ذاكر نايك Zakir Naik

    ماذا قالوا عن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم.FLV

    الإحتفال بالمولد النبوي سنة أم بدعة ؟ مترجم

    مولد النبي محمد ﷺ د.ذاكر نايك Dr.Zakir Naik Birth of Prophet Muhammad

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    Jun 2013


    The Messenger of Allah possesses many manifest miracles and signs demonstrating [his veracity], reaching thousands and they are well known.

    He informed us that Hasan ibn 'Ali would reconcile between two large warring parties of Muslims, that Sa'd ibn Abi Waqqas would live such that nations would benefit by him and others would be harmed. That an-Najashi had died on this particular day while he was in Ethiopia and that al-Aswad al-Ansi had been killed on this particular day while he was in Yemen.

    That the Muslims would fight the Turks who were described as having small eyes, wide faces and small, chiselled noses and that Yemen, Syria and Iraq would be conquered by the Muslims.

    He informed us that the Muslims would comprise three armies, an army in Syria, an army in Yemen and an army in Iraq. That they would conquer Egypt, a land whose [unit of land measurement] was the Qirat, they they should deal with their people well for they have protection [being Copts] and ties of kinship [through Hajar]. That Aways al-Qarni would come to you from the auxiliaries of Yemen, he would be affected with leprosy and it would be healed except for the space of a dirham, and he indeed arrived during the rule of 'Umar.

    He informed us that a group of his nation would always be upon the truth and that mankind would become many in number and that the 'Ansar would diminish in number and that the 'Ansar would not be given their due [with regards distribution of wealth and leadership]. That mankind would keep on asking questions until they would say, "Allah created the creation ..." [Referring to the hadith, "the people will continue asking until they say, 'this is Allah who created everything ... but who created Allah?' " Reported by al-Bukhari [no.7296] and Muslim [no.136]]

    He informed us that Ruwayfi' ibn Thabit would live a long life, that 'Ammar ibn Yasir would be killed by the transgressing group, that this nation shall divide into sects and that they would fight each other.
    He informed us that a fire would emanate from the land of Hijaz and the likes of this. All of this occurred exactly as he, sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam, said it would.

    لماذا أسلم هذا الشاب الأسكتلندي؟.. أدركت الآن لماذا يحاربون الإسلام!

    آندرو تيت يشرح عظمة الإسلام للإعلامية الشهيرة كانديس أوينز في مقر إقامته الجبرية (الله ينصره)

    فنانات أسترالية ملحدة موشمات انتهى بهن النقاش حاملين للقرآن بعد إقناع هاشم

    النجم التلفزيوني الفرنسي����ووالدته يعتنقان الإسلام☝️ Dylan Thiery converts to Islam

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    Jun 2013


    The Messenger of Allah possesses many manifest miracles and signs demonstrating [his veracity], reaching thousands and they are well known.

    He said to Thabit bin Qays,

    "You will live being praised ... and you will die as a martyr."
    and he lived being praised and was martyred at al-Yamamah. He said about 'Uthman,
    "He would afflicted by a severe trial." [The meaning of severe trial is his being imprisoned in his house and his being killed by transgressors.]
    He said about a person amongst the Muslims who had just fought a severe fight that,
    "He would be from amongst the denizens of the Fire."
    and later he committed suicide. Wabisah ibn Ma'bad came to him in order to ask him about righteousness and sin upon which he asked,
    "Have you come to ask about righteousness and sin?"

    He said to 'Ali, az-Zubayr and al-Miqdad,
    "Go to the garden of Khakh for indeed there is Dha'inah{qluetip title=[1]}This is the woman with whom Hasib al-Balta'ah radiallahu 'anhu sent a letter to the people of Makkah in order to inform them of the plans of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam to fight them. It was concerning this that the first verses of Surah Mumtahinah were revealed. The garden of Khakh is a place falling between Makkah and Madinah. Refer to al-Bukhari [no.3983] and Muslim [no.2494] and Tafsir ibn Kathir [4/344].{/qluetip} who has a book with her."
    They found her there but she initially denied having the book and then took it our from within her braids.

    He said to Abu Hurayrah, when Satan had stolen some dates, "indeed he shall return ... " and he did.

    He said to his wives, "The most prolific of you in giving charity will be the quickest of you to join me," and it was so. [Zaynab bint Jahsh radiallahu 'anha was the most prolific of them in giving charity and was the first to die. Refer to Muslim [no.2452].]

    He said to 'Abdullah bin Sallam, "You will remain upon Islam until you die."

    He supplicated for 'Anas that his wealth and sons increase and that he should live a long life and it was so. He lived for more than one hundred years and not one of the 'Ansar was richer than he and one hundred and twenty of his children had been buried before the arrival of al-Hajjaj [to Basrah]. This is detailed further in Sahih al-Bukhari [no.1982] and others.

    He sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam supplicated that Islam be strengthened through 'Umar ibn al-Khattab or Abu Jahl, and Allah strengthened it through 'Umar radiallahu 'anhu. He supplicated against Suraqah ibn Malik and the feet of his horse sank into the earth and he was thrown off, he called out asking for safe conduct and was granted it, then he asked the Prophet to make a supplication for him.

    He supplicated that Allah remove feeling the bitter cold and heat from 'Ali and so never did he feel cold or hot. He supplicated for Hudhayfah, the night that he sent him to spy on the Confederates, that he not feel the cold and he did not until he had returned. He supplicated for Ibn 'Abbas that Allah grant him understanding of the religion and it was so. He supplicated against 'Utaybah ibn Abi Lahab that Allah cause a dog from amongst His dogs to overcome him and he was killed by a lion at az-Zarqa'.

    He sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam supplicated for the descent of rain when they asked him to at the time of drought, there was not a single cloud in the sky, then when he had supplicated, the clouds gathered like mountains and it rained until the next Friday. It rained so much they they had to come back and ask him to supplicated and stop the rain, so he supplicated and the rain stopped and they out into the glaring sun.
    He supplicated for Abu Talhah and his wife, 'Umm Sulaym, that he bless them in the night they had spent together and she became pregnant and gave birth to 'Abdullah. He had nine children and all of them were scholars.

    He sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam supplicated for the mother of Abu Hurayrah radiallahu 'anhu that she be guided and Abu Hurayrah left to find her performing the ritual bath because she had accepted Islam. He supplicated for 'Umm Qays bint Muhsin, the sister of 'Ukkashah, that she live a long life and we do not know of another woman who lived as long as she did. This was reported by an-Nasa'i in the chapter concerning washing the deceased.

    On the Day of Hunaun he threw a handful of dirt at the disbelievers and said, "May the faces be disfigured," and Allah, the Exalted, vanquished them, filling their eyes with dirt. He once went out to one hundred of the Quraysh who were waiting to do something horrible to him and he put dirt on their head and went on his way without their seeing him.
    خيوط المؤامرة.. أمريكية جُندت لمحاربة الإسلام فأسلمت!

    طبيب العيون العالمي لورنس براون: لماذا هاجرت من أمريكا إلى السعودية؟!

    رحلة أندرو تيت من الإلحاد للإسلام (في أحدث مقابلة)

    وحشية الإنجيل التي لا يتحدث عنها المسيحيون | Speakers Corner | Hyde Park

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    Jun 2013


    At a time when white became black and wrong pronouns

    The defender of the homeland, women and children is the terrorist

    But the usurper of the homeland is the hero!

    The Rape of the Land of Palestine and Siege and killing of men, women and children for 75 years

    The Palestinians do not kill women and children, but the Jews occupying their country
    From 1948

    They committed massacres against the Palestinians that no human being could bear, may God’s curse be upon them

    Israeli military aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza killing Thousands of martyrs, wounding thousands of civilians, including women and children, and destructing residential buildings, civilian facilities, infrastructure, hospitals, schools, places of worship, and United Nations facilities. Add to this the inhumane water and power outages and continued daily deliberate killings in West Bank cities in conjunction with the repeated attacks on the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque

    Such atrocities did not occur when the Muslims fought in jihad against their enemies. They did not kill women or children or ordinary people. It is worth noting the instructions that Abu Bakr as-Siddeeq gave to Usaamah ibn Zayd and his troops:

    “Do not commit any act of treachery or betrayal. Do not steal from the war booty. Do not mutilate any dead body. Do not kill any child, old man or woman. Do not cut down any palm trees or burn them. Do not cut down any fruit-bearing tree. Do not slaughter any sheep, cow or camel, except for food. If you pass by people who have devoted themselves to worship in hermitages, then leave them to that to which they have devoted themselves.”

    Here are the “10 commandments of biblical Jihad”

    1) Prepare for war!

    Joel 3.9-10)

    2) cursed is he who keeps back his sword from bloodshed.

    (Jeremiah 48.10)

    3) Massacre every enemy: “do not leave alive anything that breathes!

    (Deuteronomy 20, 16-18)

    4) put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.’”
    (1 Samuel 15, 2-3)

    5) But take the Spoils from time to time... (Deuteronomy 20, 4-15)

    6) Rape the enemies' little girls!
    (Numbers 31, 14-18)

    7) Don't forget to burn the city after this!
    (Joshua 6, 24)

    8) The javelin verse!
    (Joshua 8, 18-29)

    9) The stone verse!
    (Joshua 10, 8-12)

    10) The verse of the axe, ,and the saws!
    (1 Chronicles 20, 3)

    17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

    18 But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

    Numbers 31
    King James Version

    The Western world is deaf and blind and is not ashamed and believes the Jews and helps the criminals who occupied Palestine for75 years ago

    US aid to Israel from 1946 to 2022 totaled $243.9 billion in, making it the largest recipient of American foreign aid since World War II.

    The United States committed over $3.3 billion in foreign assistance to Israel in 2022, About $8.8 million of that went toward the country's economy, while 99.7% of the aid went to the Israeli military.

    Israel received the second-largest amount of US aid in 2022 after Ukraine, where the US committed $12.4 billion. The two countries received 4.8% and 18.1%, respectively, of all foreign aid granted that year.

    We ask God to help the people of Palestine liberate their homeland from the Israeli occupation army
    We ask God that all those who support the criminal Israel, whether governments or individuals, let the massacres that happen to the people of Palestine happen to them, and that their country be occupied and their families and children die before their eyes.

    حسام زملط يحرج المذيع عن ما يحدث للفلسطينيين منذ 100 سنه

    ردي علي بن شابيرو بخصوص أسرائيل

    عبدالله الشريف | حلقة 25 | ما قبل الطوفان | الموسم السابع

    مواجهة عاصفة بين صحفية استرالية مسلمة وبين مستوطنة اسرائيلية تنتهي بالضربة القاضية

    باسم يوسف أفحم بيرس مورجان (أكبر مذيع بريطاني) عن القضية الفلسطينية [مترجم]

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    Jun 2013


    In Hollywood


    تصفيق حار من غير المسلمين والمسلمين بعد رسالة مؤثرة لداعية بريطاني كشف فيها جرائم إسرا*ئيل

    عثمان بن فاروق يحاول جعل حارس سنيكو الشخصي يسلم

    عثمان بن فاروق يدعو يهودية للإسلام + شابان يعتنقان الإسلام

    شابان أمريكيان انبهرا بشرح الشيخ عثمان بن فاروق

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    Jun 2013


    in quran
    And verily in cattle (too) will ye find an instructive sign. From what is within their bodies between excretions and blood, We produce, for your drink, milk, pure and agreeable to those who drink it.

    Milk is a Blood Production (New Scientific Miracle in Quran)

    Allah the Almighty God says in Quran:
    16:66) And verily! In the cattle, there is a lesson for you. We give you to drink of that which is in their bellies, from between excretions and blood, pure milk; palatable to the drinkers.

    Scientists say:
    There is waste in the blood by that definition. The kidneys filter the blood. Excretions… nutrition from the Gastro-intestinal tract or ‘excretions’ with useful nutrients is absorbed into the blood. It feeds the mammary glands to make nutrition full milk. Waist is filtered from the blood by the kidneys

    You we eat food… it gets digested… while being digested nutrients are absorbed into the blood…. the blood makes the milk…. the blood is filtered perfectly by the breast or cow’s udders to make amazing milk ? and the blood is filtered through the kidneys and you suffocate
    ! So the breast doesn’t take junk from the blood. It’s highly selective

    Remember Allah says
    (16:66) And that for you in the camels/livestock (is) an example (E) , We make you drink from what (is) in its bellies/insides, clear/pure milk pleasant tasting to the drinking, from between fully and partially digested food/feces and blood.

    So with this we read ‘from fully and partially digested food’

    Food digests in stages. Near the end of the Gut it is fully, near the top it is partially digested.

    When we read in Quran from ‘feces’ it just means food that is being digested.

    It’s amazing how Quran mentions blood from milk!

    1) nutrients do come from the blood taken from the gut
    2) milk is made from blood!!
    So cool man!

    (16:66) And verily in cattle (too) will you find an instructive sign. From what is within their bodies between excretions and blood, We produce, for your drink, milk, pure and agreeable to those who drink it.

    So we have
    Partially digested food
    Fully digested food
    Absorption of water, vitamins and nutrients into blood
    Blood feeds mammary glands
    Milk produced

    ??Scientific reference

    Scientists also mention that “Milk Is Just Filtered Blood”
    “weird as this seems, all mammal milk is, in fact, made from blood , Yeah This is a Fact ? , because blood contains lots of nutrients, and the baby need lots of sugar, fat, and protein to grow complex brains and bodies. there is a tiny sacs that grap the pasing blood and do some chemistry on them, and pass them to the inside of the sacs where they mix together to become milk .

    ??▪︎Reference: https://steemit.com/life/@dippa/milk-is-...lieve-that

    ??▪︎4- See this reference too

    {And indeed, for you in grazing livestock is a lesson. We give you drink from what is in their bellies – between contents of intestine and blood – pure milk, palatable to drinkers.}(Al-Qur’an 16:66)

    ?Following the advancement of scientific research throughout the centuries, man came to learn that the components of milk are extracted from chyme after the digestion of the food, and run in the blood stream to reach the mammary glands in the udders of females that extract the components of milk from blood retaining no traces of chyme or blood in the milk.

    ?However, the Holy Qur’an disclosed these secrets to its readers in the most beautiful and most concise way 14 hundred years ago.

    ?Who taught Muhammad (peace be upon him) the secrets of the digestive system and the circulatory system and the subtle processes going on in the mammary glands other than Allah, Who knows the secrets in earth and heavens and Who knows the mysteries of what He has created? This is enough evidence that the Qur’an is revealed by Allah , the Exalted and that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His Messenger.

    Allah (Subhanahu wa taala) says:
    “But Allah bears witness to that which He has revealed to you. He has sent it (Quran) down with His knowledge, and the angels bear witness [as well]. And sufficient is Allah as Witness..” (Quran 4:166)

    اسلمت مع الشيخ بعد هذ الحوار الرائع مع شمسي

    فتاة نصرانية تطرح أسئلة صعبة على منصور


    داعية جديد يظهر في ركن المتحدثين تثمر دعوته باعتناق الكثير للإسلام الله أكبر

  39. #139
    Jun 2013


    Today, the relativity of time is a proven scientific fact. This was revealed by Einstein's theory of relativity at the early years of the 20th century. Until then, people did not know that time was a relative concept, and that it could change according to the environment. Yet, the great scientist Albert Einstein openly proved this fact with the theory of relativity. He showed that time is dependent on mass and velocity. In the history of humanity, no one had expressed this fact clearly before.

    With one exception though; the Qur'an included information about time's being relative! Some verses about the subject read:

    "They ask you to hasten the punishment. God will not break His promise. A day with your Lord is equivalent to a thousand years in the way you count."
    (The Qur'an, 22:47)
    "He directs the whole affair from heaven to earth. Then it will again ascend to Him on a Day whose length is a thousand years by the way you measure."
    (The Qur'an, 32:5)

    "The angels and the Spirit ascend to Him in a day whose length is fifty thousand years."
    (The Qur'an, 70:4)

    In some verses, it is indicated that people perceive time differently and that sometimes people can perceive a very short period of time as a very lengthy one. The following conversation of people held during their judgement in the Hereafter is a good example of this:
    "He will say, 'How many years did you tarry on the earth?' They will say, 'We tarried there for a day or part of a day. Ask those able to count!' He will say, 'You only tarried there for a little while if you did but know!"
    (The Qur'an, 23:12)

    The fact that the relativity of time is so clearly mentioned in the Qur'an, which started to be revealed in 610, is another evidence that it is a holy book.

    حوار جميل مع نصرانيين يؤمنان بنبوة محمد ﷺ | عثمان بن فاروق

    شاب إنجليزي يتفاجأ بأنه كان مسلماً ثم يعتنق الإسلام

    أخبروني شيئًا عن الإسلام! أمريكية عبقرية مندهشة من الإسلام، شمسى

    مسيحي أمريكي يكتشف حقيقة الكتاب المقدس على يد مسلمين

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    Jun 2013


    As we all know, the formation of petroleum can be easily explained in three steps.

    Step 1 - All of the oil and gas we use today began as microscopic plants and animals living in the ocean millions of years ago. As these microscopic plants and animals lived, they absorbed energy from the sun, which was stored as carbon molecules in their bodies. When they died, they sank to the bottom of the sea. Over millions of years, layer after layer of sediment and other plants and bacteria were formed

    Step 2 - As they became buried ever deeper, heat and pressure began to rise. The amount of pressure and the degree of heat, along with the type of biomass, determined if the material became oil or natural gas. More heat produced lighter oil. Even higher heat or biomass made predominantly of plant material produced natural gas.

    Step 3 - After oil and natural gas were formed, they tended to migrate through tiny pores in the surrounding rock. Some oil and natural gas migrated all the way to the surface and escaped. Other oil and natural gas deposits migrated until they were caught under impermeable layers of rock or clay where they were trapped. These trapped deposits are where we find oil and natural gas today.

    Allah (SWT) says this in his holy Quran as follows,
    “Glorify the Name of your Lord, the Most High: He Who created and molded; He Who determined and guided; He Who brings forth green pasture, then makes it blackened stubble. (Qur'an, 87:1-5)”

    The three elements identified in the first four verses of Surat al-A'la parallel the formation of petroleum. It is quite likely that the term "almaraa," meaning pasture or meadow, refers to the organically-based substances in the formation of petroleum. The second word of note in the verse is "ahwa," used to describe blackish-green, greenish-black, dark or sooty colours.

    This word can be thought of as describing the waste plant matter accumulated underground gradually turning black, since these words are supported by a third word, "ghuthaan." The word "ghuthaan" translated as stubble, can also mean flood-water plants, plants brought together by waste matter being collected and dispersed around valleys, rubbish, leaves or foam.

    In addition to the connotation of "vomiting out" implied in the word, it may also be translated as "to flood forth vomited matter," and describes the way that the earth "vomits" forth petroleum. In fact, in the light of the formation of petroleum, the way it emerges, its foam-like appearance and its colour, one can better see with what wisdom were employed the words in the verses.

    ذرفت عيناها بينما شمسي يفتيهما عن الإسلام

    فتاة بوذية ينشرح قلبها للإسلام، وتصبح بعض خطوات من الإسلام

    مستحيل هذا في إنجيلي، إسرائيلي اتفاجئ بما قاله منصور

    القرآن الكريم والعلم الحديث كاملة The Quran and Modern Science full Zakir naik

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    Jun 2013


    لماذا لا يكلمنا الله في عصرنا الحالي؟ | محمد علي

    شابة بريطانية أسلمت ثم تزوجت بعدها مباشرة

    ما الفرق بين العبودية وملك اليمين؟ | محمد علي

    فضائح الكنيسة الكاثوليكية من ق*ل واغت*اب الأطفال + شاب يُسلم

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    Jun 2013


    The modern Medical science discovered that leprosy disease is one of the most dangerous skin diseases which gets transferred by the Leprosy microbe which has been seen and recognized before one hundred years, however, still (modern medical circles could not find an effective cure to this disease or control it.

    Doctors do not know until today the path of infection with the leprosy microbe.. The prevailing opinion now is that infection with it occurs by touching the patient’s skin many times and repeatedly for a long time.. Therefore, it appears in contacts For the patient..however, it appears in only 1% of the contacts..which indicates that contact with the patient’s skin does not transmit the infection until after a long time, and the disease microbe is not transmitted through food or drink, because it is a very weak microbe, even if it reaches the stomach To kill immediately in the acidic medium of the stomach..

    Leprosy affects the terminals of the nerves such as the limbs. It makes the leprous lose the sense of feeling. Therefore, he does not feel heat or cold. He may not even the piercing of at horn to his skin. The leprous faces atrophy of the muscles of arms and legs. Ulcers spread on his body particularly on hand and legs. Bones erode and the leprous loses his fingers. It may affected the cornea of the eyes & makes him blind, it may also affect his testis & this means that the leprous may loose fertility & becomes sterile.

    Leprosy is of two kinds, the knot leprosy. It affects the people with weak immunization system. It appears in the form of different size knots. It spreads all over the body, particularly, the face and gives it a special shape which makes it resemble the face of a lion. It also causes hair drop. It may also affect the mucous membrane & creates bleeding.

    The numbed knots Leprosy is the second type of leprosy which appears on the skin in the form of pale knots which have different shapes and sizes. They are characterized by loss of sense, sweating and loss of the skin pigment. This type of leprosy affects people who have good immunization system.

    The greatness of the directive of the prophet (PBUH) appears in the fact that he advised people into to gaze at leprous. He said “Don’t gaze at Leprous” [Refer to Irshad Elsari to Sharh of Bukhari].

    The modern science proved that when the leprous sees a healthy or normal person, he gazes at him and then suffers from psychological pain. Therefore, the advice of the prophet wanted to respect the feelings of the leprous.

    The saying of the prophet (PBUH) which asked people to run away from the leprous as they run away from the lion shows the dangerous nature of this disease which can be transferred easily and its overwhelming nature.

    Warning against the leprosy disease, the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said:
    “Escape away from the Leprous the way you escape away from the Lion” [Refer to Bukhari]

    In the nineteenth century (1847), the first description of a leprosy patient was written by the two doctors, Daniel and Boyck, who said in describing them in one word: (The face of a leprosy patient resembles the face of a lion), and the face of a leper patient was never described with this description before 1847...except We notice that the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, mentioned this scientific description in his saying: “Escape away from the Leprous the way you escape away from the Lion” But he chose the word (the lion). It happened to describe the words of the noble Prophetic hadith that is described in a description that combines meaning and image, , all in one word, , which indicates that it is a revelation from God Almighty to His Messenger.

    Modern science also advised people to avoid leprosy people so long as the disease they nurse is active and not neutralized and its activity is not suspended by the use of the available resistant.

    اسرائيلي يتحدى شمسي ان يثبت له ان التوراة محرفة | نقاش حاد بين شمسي واسرائيلي

    زوجة تحاول معانقة علي دعوة في ركن المتحدثين

    هل في الإسلام شعائر وثنية شركية؟ | محمد على

    علي دعوه يحكي قصه حياته و قصه والده الملحد (مترجم) ali dawah talks his life and athiest dad

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