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Thread: HS 3-sport athlete

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    Apr 2015

    Wink HS 3-sport athlete

    If a guy is a 3-sport athlete, would he plausibility play these positions:
    Shooting Guard
    Third Baseman

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    Elen síla lumenn' omentielvo What Exit?'s avatar
    Feb 2009
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    I feel like most 3 sport stars end up in the outfield for baseball, corner/safety/running back are safe bets for football and guard for basketball sounds right.

    Dave Winfield is one of the more famous 3 sport athletes that played in those 3 in college. He was drafted by 4 different teams coming out of college as the ABA was still around back then. I know he both pitched and played outfield in college, but I cannot find his B-ball & football positions.

    Going way back in time, Jim Thorpe (who actually played for Pop Warner) was basically a running back, kicker & punter in football, high jumper and then in the Olympics: The decathlon and pentathlon plus long jump and high jump. He was also a college Lacrosse player. In baseball he was of course an outfielder.

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    Feb 2009


    If a guy's that good, who can say, but I think WE's right. Third base isn't a position that requires a ton of speed, someone with those skills would likely be an outfielder, maybe a pitcher since the best athlete on the team normally pitches at the lower levels.

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