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Thread: Punter puts Joon in his place live on air

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    Mi parolas esperanton malbone Trojan Man's avatar
    Mar 2010

    Default Punter puts Joon in his place live on air

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    Oliphaunt Jizzelbin's avatar
    Jul 2013
    in a mouth


    All right, boy, enough is enough. I tried again to get the media to play a few days later. The problem is probably something I did and don't care to troubleshoot, but I don't care.

    So, what's the executive summary, boyo?

    Did some cricket batter tell you Cher was dead or some shit?

    Just the facts, please.

    And I am not too stupid to live. Am not. I'm an American and I only know about that Justin Trudeau is a femme and cricket is either (a) gay or (b) Indian, which is better.

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