I'm still trying to figure out the rules of this game. I'm not ashamed to be thinking of Rachel Weisz in the movie *Chain Reaction* with that dude.

Action: Lock one of the sliding glass doors on a condo common area, when someone is outside doing WiFi, to use the camelCase.

Reaction: Superglue the lock mechanism to permanently unlocked, since it's on the second story of a building and the only Asian owners I've seen are Indian/Punjabs.

And, yes, let's make this a true game:

Abhebung: Eat at Arby's.
or, Aufhebung: throw a candy bar in the swimming pool.


Here's how the game is to be played. The next player will supply the missing element of the three.

(i) Female cat-person shrieks.
(ii) ________________ adores.
(iii) There are no Ruby Keelers nor Billy Bartys.