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Thread: So when did comedy sites get be all like not?

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    Default So when did comedy sites get be all like not?

    Used to be I could go to a place like cra**ed.com (don't want to spam the place) and load up a bunch of bullshit to go read and sometimes laugh at at my leisure.

    So, that place apparently thinks its staff and adjunct employees are whatever, like real people whose "output" (the term is "emissions") are better than the garbage you read on stackoverflow or whatever.

    So is that the reason I have a sudden shortage of content to safely guide myself through the many lonely hours of my days?

    So what do people watch instead of corporate manshows like cra**ed.com or s**d.com or snopes? It's like getting ridiculous.

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    I think if you spend too much time online (which I have done in the past for many years but have sorta curtailed now) you find that commercial comedy sites regurgitate, rethread, grow stale. At one point cra**ed.com could have kept me up half the night but I have read 99% of it and the new additions are slow coming and are often pale imitations of previous articles. It's a bit like watching a boxset of a show once too often. I am not sure if there is a a new, must-go site, but if there is, I ain't found it, and just as well, I waste enough time. Decent comedy writing, which cr__ked.com has in spades isn't all that easy to mill out and can have a short shelf life.
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