Yeah, so I was all last few days thinking holy fuck shit, maybe *Finnegans Wake* really *is* the greatest novel ever written.

And then, choosing a new floor to study on today, I was like "Hey, maybe that suckbag who subjects classics got a clue....better check on old Petronius."

So, yeah, death match to the max.

*FW* or Petronius? Which is the better novel?

Oh yeah, I bothered to check out actually a kind of cool text of Petronius, by Emanuele Castorina. Most of it is commentary in Italian, followed by text and biface translation in Italian.

So, do some of you cats speak guido? It's been a long time since I've read or spoken Italian, but it's astonishingly easy to just kind of like ".....blahblah.....yeah.....OK, that's what it says." So, IOW, same way I follow when my Spanish or Roumanian friends speak, just kind of, OK, whatever, dickbag, now lick my crank you 3rd-world-inferiors.

Happy about this book, glad I checked it out. Now maybe I can have something to do getting to sleep besides beating my dick into hamburger. Plus, no pictures.

My only complaint about my two fave mags, NatGeo and TapeOp -- lots of pictures of people. It kind of harshes my mellow.