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Thread: Why won't Irish people help me learn Irish?

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    Default Why won't Irish people help me learn Irish?

    Aggie is the obvious exception, but they seem a bit up themselves. Perhaps they're insecure. Maybe they're just blown away by my awesomeness (lulz). Whatever it is, I hope their potatoes turn on them (except Aggie). Fucking lice. Russians are so, so helpful, many LOTE-speaking people are amazingly helpful, but no, not the Irish. I even did St. Paddy's and everything!

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    Mar 2009


    It's complex, by the time it was decided we could and should speak Irish, the vast majority of us couldn't. While some people did and do become fluent in adulthood, the vast majority didn't and their children were never brought up with Irish as an everyday language, rinse and repeat and you have the current situation. Despite education in Irish lasting from about 5yrs to 17yrs most adults aren't fluent in the language. I'm not fluent, I'm willing to give it a go but I'm not approaching a comfortable fluency as yet. Right now there's a movement for Gaelscoileanna, Irish language schools that may bring forth a change in a generation, where their children, brought up in Irish, will also attend these schools, this may yet lead to a blossoming of Irish outside the designated Gaeltacht areas.

    Ultimately it's hard to get people to commit to a language that's hard to learn and doesn't have much utility compared to most other 2nd languages.

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