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Monday Wut Wut: An icon worth keeping

It seems that over the last couple of decades that age of the icon is coming to an end. The people who used to appear larger than life and inspire those around have been replaced by an ever increasing idenitkit line of celebrity, where the only way to be noticed is to be more outrageous than the last.

It seems that some people are only too happy to take that spot in the limelight and then try and occupy it as long as possible. But as they strove to the top, its getting harder and harder to stay there and the next few of bright pretty young things is always around the corner biting at their heels. But let's be honest, they are not icons, they are just the day's passing fancy.

Monday Wut Wut: In with the Old, In with the New.

2012 has arrived. A time for reflecting on the year gone by and looking forward to the year yet to come.

According to some people, the Mayan calendar says this will be the final year before it all ends. I hope they are as accurate as some other apocalyptic predictions about 2011. The year is likely to be dominated by the economy whether it be the rise or fall of the US, the BRIC countries coming to the fore, or even if the EU can save itself.

However, there are some major events to look forward to, for me at least. The Olympics are coming to town, London to the rest of the world and the Queen should be celebrating her Diamond Jubilee. In the USA, the election for the World's most powerful person, the POTUS, will take place. I'm sure there are other of importance around the globe.

Monday Wut Wut: Remembering Remembrance day

Always one on the British calendar and yet it is one of the few dates that has no religious significance behind it. The other holidays and festivals all really appear to have come a religious source at some point and are merely carried on in some form or another. This one is specifically aimed at those we lost and in some way reminding ourselves about it.

In some ways the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have only served further to remind us of what it means. They may not be World Wars, but a lot of countries have contributed forces and lost lives in the actions.

Maybe that is the reason that this was one of the first years where both silences, on the Friday and Sunday, were impeccably observed. Normally, someone doesn't see the point and continues to chatter or decides to phone someone and then complains loudly that they don't get an answer.

This year...silence and respect.

Monday Wut Wut: Bonfire Night

Bonfires in Autumn have been around for centuries, but 5th November has an extra special meaning for those in Britain. Guy Fawkes Night is seen as one groups attempt to blow up Parliament and so restore power to the King. I always wondered when people celebrated it, were they celebrating the prevention of such an action or that someone went ahead and tried it anyway.

It's weird that its also named after the person who was caught in the act who happened to be a Spanish mercenary. He wasn't really in it for the ideals but the money. And still he gets lauded as some kind of anti-establishment figure. Amusing since Spain and England were not exactly friendly at that point. His likeness is now copied by a multitude of people thanks to "V for Vendetta", but I wonder how many of them know the backstory.

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