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Why I hate TV Tropes

Well, maybe "hate" is unfair. Or perhaps "TV Tropes" is, when the site isn't really the object of my wrath. If you're unfamiliar with it, is a wiki where people can enter the "tropes" they've seen in movies, TV shows, comics, webcomics, books, operas, or in fevered dreams. And what is a trope? A convention, idea or device often used by writers. But--the front page assures you--they do not want clichés.

Right off the bat you may see the problem, as commonly used conventions, ideas and devices are at best clichés about to happen and at worst, well, clichéd.

Death toll rises in Australia floods

Death toll rises in Australia floods - Relief teams rushed supplies into a flood-ravaged Australian city Monday as rising waters threatened to close a highway and cut off the area, officials said. [World]

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