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Big demand for more 'Big Little Lies'

Entertainment - Mon, 07/22/2019 - 22:55
The demand for more "Big Little Lies" worked before so why not try it again?

Valkyrie is now the first LGBTQ Marvel movie superhero, but she's been bi forever

Entertainment - Mon, 07/22/2019 - 21:17
Asgardian warrior Valkyrie is now officially the first LGBTQ superhero in the Marvel cinematic universe. And who better to blast this barrier with a Freudian crotch cannon than real-life LGBTQ icon Tessa Thompson?

Kevin Feige reveals the thinking behind Marvel's Phase Four

Entertainment - Mon, 07/22/2019 - 21:07
As always, there's a method to the Marvel madness.

'Veronica Mars' creator discusses a potential Season 5

Entertainment - Mon, 07/22/2019 - 21:03
"Veronica Mars" creator Rob Thomas on Veronica and Logan's relationship and his heroine's growth.

Art Neville, New Orleans funk musician, dead at 81

Entertainment - Mon, 07/22/2019 - 20:48
Art Neville, a New Orleans music icon and founding member of the Neville Brothers and The Meters, died on Monday, according to a statement released by his longtime manager, Kent Sorrell. He was 81.

Kristen Bell makes us root for Chidi and Eleanor all over again

Entertainment - Mon, 07/22/2019 - 19:42
At the conclusion of its third season, "The Good Place" left its mismatched soul mates Eleanor and Chidi in a very bad place indeed. But Kristen Bell's here to re-kindle your hopes and dreams for the show's central couple.

Tom Hanks is absolutely perfect as Mister Rogers in new movie trailer

Entertainment - Mon, 07/22/2019 - 18:58
Just in time for a Monday, Sony has released the first trailer for the upcoming film about the late Fred Rogers, "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

Carl Icahn calls out Warren Buffett over oil deal

World - Mon, 07/22/2019 - 18:56
Billionaire investor Carl Icahn is furious over the generous terms Warren Buffett received when he came to the aid of Occidental Petroleum's bidding war with Chevron.

Beth Chapman's final reality series will air in September

Entertainment - Mon, 07/22/2019 - 16:59
Beth Chapman's final battle with cancer will be documented on a reality show she was excited to share with the world.

Success in India's second attempt at launching Moon mission

World - Mon, 07/22/2019 - 16:31
India is preparing to relaunch a mission to land a rover on the moon, in what would be a first for a nation that is trying to become a space superpower.

'Restore UK bogs' to tackle climate change

Science & Nature - Mon, 07/22/2019 - 16:23
Restoring peat moors degraded by farming may prove a relatively inexpensive way of tackling climate change.

Malls are struggling. But stores in airports are thriving

World - Mon, 07/22/2019 - 16:18
Malls are struggling. But stores in airports are thriving

SAG-AFTRA announces plans to standardize on-set intimacy coordinators

Entertainment - Mon, 07/22/2019 - 15:55
SAG-AFTRA announced on Sunday their plan to work with Alicia Rodis, the associate director and co-founder of Intimacy Directors International (IDI), to create a set of guidelines to try to prevent sexual harassment and exploitation during the filming of nudity or any other kind of "hyper-exposed" work on film and TV sets.

'Top Gun' cuts Taiwan flag from Tom Cruise's jacket

Entertainment - Mon, 07/22/2019 - 14:55
A new trailer for the sequel of 1986 blockbuster "Top Gun" is stirring up controversy after it shows Tom Cruise putting on the iconic bomber jacket he wore in the original film — but with two key changes.

'The Lion King' sinks its teeth into critic-audience divide

Entertainment - Mon, 07/22/2019 - 14:42
As "The Lion King" counts up receipts from a big opening weekend while still licking its wounds from negative reviews, you can almost hear the familiar murmurs -- that critics are "out of step" with the audiences they profess to serve.

China's answer to the Nasdaq had a crazy first day

World - Mon, 07/22/2019 - 13:41
China launched its latest bid for tech superpower status by opening a Nasdaq-style stock market in a frenzy of buying by investors.

Miranda Lambert and her new husband are having a great summer

Entertainment - Mon, 07/22/2019 - 12:50
Call it the summer of love.

Mahershala Ali to star in 'Blade'

Entertainment - Mon, 07/22/2019 - 12:49
Marvel made a host of super announcements at its panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego on Saturday, but saved arguably the biggest news on Phase 4 for last.
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