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Lunar New Year holiday trips surge in China after lifting of Covid restrictions

World - 1 hour 5 min ago
China saw 226 million domestic trips during the Lunar New Year holiday, state media reported, a 74% surge from last year after the government lifted all travel curbs under its now-abandoned zero-Covid policy.

Settlements to be 'strengthened' in wake of Jerusalem attacks, Israeli PM says

World - 1 hour 15 min ago
Israel will "take steps to strengthen settlement" in response to shooting attacks in Jerusalem Friday and Saturday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said.

Earthquake in Iran kills at least 2, injures hundreds

World - Sun, 01/29/2023 - 01:53
At least two people were killed, and more than 300 injured when a 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck Iran on Saturday night local time.

Retired Czech general Petr Pavel wins presidential election

World - Sat, 01/28/2023 - 17:00
Former army chief Petr Pavel won the Czech Republic's presidential election on Saturday after a campaign featuring strong backing for NATO and the European Union and support for aid to Ukraine.

13-year-old shoots a father and son in attack in Jerusalem, police say

World - Sat, 01/28/2023 - 15:22
Two people were wounded in a shooting attack in Jerusalem on Saturday, emergency services say, the day after a gunman killed at least seven people near a synagogue in the city.

Aryna Sabalenka makes history as the first player competing under a neutral flag to win a grand slam

World - Sat, 01/28/2023 - 13:20
Belarusian-born Aryna Sabalenka defeated Elena Rybakina in three sets to win a thrilling women's Australian Open final Saturday, becoming the first player competing under a neutral flag to secure a grand slam.

Search underway for missing radioactive capsule in Western Australia

World - Sat, 01/28/2023 - 13:16
Officials have warned the public of the risks in touching a small capsule containing a radioactive substance that was lost during transportation in Western Australia.

Five Russian men fleeing military conscription have been living at a South Korean airport for months

World - Sat, 01/28/2023 - 12:37
Five Russian men who fled the country after Moscow's military mobilization order last September have been stranded at South Korea's Incheon International Airport for months after authorities refused to accept them.

Three dead as torrential rain causes disastrous flooding in New Zealand

World - Sat, 01/28/2023 - 09:13
Three people have died and at least one person is missing as a result of torrential rain that has caused major flooding and numerous evacuations in New Zealand, Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said Saturday.

Berlin made the historic move to arm Ukraine. But many Germans are uneasy

World - Sat, 01/28/2023 - 08:21
The biggest moment in the Ukraine war this week took place hundreds of miles from the battlefield. After days of diplomatic pressure from its increasingly exasperated NATO allies, Germany announced Wednesday that it would send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, a potentially pivotal move in the conflict that could decisively tip the balance in Kyiv's favor.

US citizen charged over alleged killing of DJ in Colombia

World - Sat, 01/28/2023 - 06:53
Colombian authorities have charged an American citizen over the alleged murder of a female DJ in Colombia whose body was discovered inside a suitcase at the bottom of a garbage container.

British army serviceman charged with terrorism offenses

World - Sat, 01/28/2023 - 05:30
A British serviceman has been charged with terrorism and explosives offenses, the London Metropolitan Police said Friday.

Blinken to visit Israel and West Bank with tensions high after outbreak of violence

World - Sat, 01/28/2023 - 01:18
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken's trip to Jerusalem and Ramallah next week has gained new urgency after a wave of deadly violence in Israel and the West Bank.

Every year, 'Invasion Day' forces Australia to confront some painful truths

World - Sat, 01/28/2023 - 00:55
Musician Fred Leone sings traditional songs to the steady beat of clap sticks that echo through the empty streets as the sun rises on what he calls a "hard day for Blackfellas."

At least seven dead in Jerusalem synagogue attack, Israeli police say

World - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 23:30
Israeli police say at least seven people were killed and three were injured in a shooting near a synagogue in Jerusalem on Friday amid high tensions in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Why a billionaire has stashed 300 vintage cars in the desert

World - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 22:00
Qatar hasn't only been busy building soccer stadiums but also a slew of architecturally striking and accessible museums in its well-documented quest to be recognized as the arts capital of the Arabian Peninsula. Qatar travel guide

Bad omen for drivers: It's only January, but gas prices are already surging

World - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 16:26
Normally, prices at the gas pump drift lower during the dead of winter as lousy weather keeps Americans off the roads. But something unusual is happening this year: Gas prices are rocketing higher.

German parliament officially commemorates LGBTQ victims of Nazi regime for first time

World - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 16:17
The German parliament for the first time on Friday focused its annual Holocaust memorial commemorations on people persecuted and killed over their sexual or gender identity during World War II.

Gun attack on Azerbaijan embassy in Tehran kills security chief

World - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 15:55
A gunman entered Azerbaijan's embassy in the Iranian capital and killed one person on Friday, the foreign ministries of Iran and Azerbaijan confirmed in separate statements, with both citing different motives for the deadly attack.

China's reopening isn't all good news. Inflation could get a second wind

World - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 15:05
China's swift reopening after nearly three years of strict coronavirus controls could provide a much-needed boost to global economic growth, but may also stoke inflation just as it has shown signs of falling back.
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